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Antiwar & Libertarian Activist, Adam Kokesh Announces For the Love of Freedom Tour

The 2016 presidential election season has been a near-unanimous disappointment on the part of Americans.  Polls from Gallup to the NYTimes show a growing dissatisfaction on the part of both Democratic and Republican voters with their candidates and the direction of the country. As the election season heats up the country is showing this dissatisfaction in any number of ways, including, at times, violence.  It is also a time when people are looking elsewhere for answers and solutions.  Freedom and liberation are concepts that are emerging from organizations and movements all across the political spectrum.  There are many elder statesmen and activists that believe the message of freedom is both popular and universal.  One such activist is Adam Kokesh.

Kokesh will be kicking off his FOR THE LOVE OF FREEDOM! National Tour. The tour is currently scheduled to run from August until the end of October, and include 60 speaking events across the continental United States where he will be distributing free copies of his book, FREEDOM! at every event.  FREEDOM! is currently in its fourth printing, with two million downloads.

“I started writing FREEDOM! while in prison in the beginning to capture my feelings about what had happened, but also because I wanted the ultimate tool to share this universal message as easily, efficiently, and joyously as possible,” explained Kokesh. “Even though times may seem dark, the light of truth shines. Things are slowly getting better and will continue to get better. That’s the message I am delivering with the book and the tour.”

The FREEDOM! tour will help Kokesh gauge national interest for his presidential run in 2020, a philosophical statement more than a political one: What would happen if the president shows up for work only to shut it all down? He hopes to confirm the support of current supporters, while hopefully engaging and encouraging new ones to become activists and architects of freedom.
“If support continues to build, next summer I will announce that I am running for President on the platform of peacefully abolishing the entire federal government in an orderly manner and returning all of its land and stolen property directly to the people,” said Kokesh.
All events on the tour are free and open to the public. The help support the tour financially, Kokesh will be will be holding off-the-record meet and greets before each event. To purchase meet-and-greet tickets, make monetary donations or become a volunteer, please visit: www.thefreedomline.com

kokeshAdam Charles Kokesh is a 34 year old Marine Corps veteran, former cable talk show host, activist, homesteader, and author of the libertarian treatise, FREEDOM!  As a decorated Iraq war veteran, Kokesh found himself at odds with what he was told the war was about and what he came to understand it truly was.  With all love for his fellow military brothers and those who might take his same path, he knew that the time had come to change his behavior and his message to one of nonaggression, liberty, and truth.

A Voluntaryist

Kokesh is an advocate of nonviolent resistance actions to challenge state power, and is a self-identified “voluntarist” and “agorist”.  Like Ron Paul, Kokesh believes that voluntary association and voluntary participation is the only moral and ethical method of human interaction.  He has called for a “new American revolution” where there is an “orderly dissolution of the federal government” –something both controversial and not-so-controversial given the current election cycle.  His FREEDOM! book and tour present a roadmap towards a peaceful subset of freedom called “liberty” and a way out of the lesser of two evils paradigm the country has fallen into.

An Activist
Over the course of the last decade, Adam has participated in any number of peaceful protests, demonstrations, and activism—including a dance party protest at the Jefferson Memorial.  His activism has involved any number of personal liberty and natural rights causes, such as second amendment disobedience (that landed him in federal jail) or pro-pot demonstrations, as well as, anti-war demonstrations and pro-veterans activism.

A Speaker
Adam differs from other libertarian speakers in his sense of humor and evolution.  His man on the street interviews at CPAC and other locations have become very popular.  His viewers find them thought-provoking, sometimes uncomfortable but always ultimately warm—unlike other interviewers who seem to delight in making their interviewees look and feel bad.  His ability to discuss politics and sensitive topics with anyone respectfully has earned him a huge YouTube following.  Not only does he have a large page following on his now defunct Russia Today show, but his newest channel has 50,000,000 views and well over 200,000 subscribers.  Unlike other libertarian speakers, Adam infuses his message with good-hearted humor that is more appealing to younger audiences (and he’s cute)

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