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Armored Lexus LX570 SUV – Specifications and Features

In the year 2016, Toyota launched the most expensive SUV in its fleet, the Lexus LX570. The LX570 is so expensive that it sells for almost one hundred thousand dollars
by frhuynh19 April 2017

One would wonder, why pay that much for an SUV when you can use $87,000 to buy a Land Cruiser and get the same output mechanically? The fact is, because the car can take a weight of over 6,000 pounds, it may just be justifiably worth the money. You can just relax and enjoy the ride while the car goes up a rock; and if it happens to be falling off, you just have to push a button, and the job is fixed.

With its loaded features and heavyweight, the Lx570 is an awesome ride


Just like the Land Cruiser, the LX570 runs on a 5.7-liter v8 engine, but its sophisticated features outdo the Land Cruiser in many ways than one.


Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of the LX570.

Engine:  It accelerates very high, powered by a 5.7L V8 engine, giving a very ballistic kind of cruising experience.

Safety and Luxury design: Amongst all cars in the LX series, the LX570 has the most advanced safety system. The interior is decorated with a luxurious wood and leather design.

Comfort: The LX570 can accommodate up to 8 persons comfortably, and has enough room for the occupants to feel relaxed.

Advanced Technology: With the LX570, every penny is worth it because it is built with the highest technology that makes it an ultra-, intelligent automobile.

Four-Wheel Drive:  The LX570 can be said to be king of the road due to its four-wheel-drive which makes it perform optimally on the road and off the road.

Driving modes: The LX570 comes with different off the road driving modes. T has the rock mode, dirt, sand, loose rock, mud and mogul modes. With just a push of a button, the driver can alternate between this driving modes and have a stress free driving experience.

On-road driving: The LX570 is an intelligent automobile which can dictate rush hours and adjust to meet the driving needs at such times. And helps you avoid being stuck in traffic.

Off-road performance

Features like the up and down Jack, tight turn, and crawl lock gives the LX570 an amazing off road performance.

Sensitive Navigation: The SUV’s navigator is one of the most efficient. It can differentiate between locations and colors and can tell the terrain of an area, be it rainforest, savannah or even a city center.

Entertainment and gadgets:  You can play music and watch movies in your LX570. Its dual back-seat screens are fitted for this purpose and for playing video games while on the go.

Multipurpose screen: The screens of the LX570 can serve multiple functions. It can be used for media, gaming, navigation and as a back camera. This makes it more attractive and user-friendly.

The above-listed features make the LX570 unique, and totally worth the cost. However, a certain weakness of the LX570 is that it is has a low jack-up lock, which makes it susceptible to rock crawling. The jack-up gives the SUV a space of only 27° which makes it crawl. That aside, the LX570 is a super perfect choice to make.


Great Value
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