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Azendoo Task Pilot: Finally a To-do that Works Like You

by 27 May 2015

Azendoo, the teamwork application, has today announced a brand new version of its collaborative task management. It’s called Task Pilot and gets one step closer to how people actually work and organize themselves.

For many of us, dealing with to-dos has become a daily chore, and distracts us from what we really need to get done rather than actually helping us to achieve those things. We have redesigned the standard to-do list to make your tasks lighter, faster and more actionable. Quickly snooze your tasks, keeping only what matters in sight, and scan your teamwork more efficiently. It’s a whole new to-do list manager.

Less noise, more end results Most task management apps focus on list building. As time goes by new challenges arise: using a tool to keep track of priorities, locate that important information buried somewhere on your list, and get things done means that your most important tasks don’t slip through the net.  Azendoo Task Pilot makes it simpler to get things done by introducing a completely different way to interact with your work and focussing intuitively on what really matters.

Your to-dos, on your own terms Of course, not everything needs to be done right now. Azendoo makes it easier to concentrate on your priorities.  Whether now is not the right moment, or if you simply need to focus on something else first, Azendoo lets you snooze your tasks. You can set them to come back at another hour, day or week, depending on their urgency, ensuring that you can cross them off your list when the time comes.

Teamwork, the beauty of simplicity The Task Pilot update includes a complete redesign of the Azendoo Tasks interface. The task views have been simplified: Hotlist, Snoozed, Someday and Completed Tasks are now all accessible with a simple click, making it easier to adjust and focus on your day-to-day work. Now with Task Pilot, each member of a team can see immediately what everyone else is working on and can sync everyone’s priorities faster.  Project managers also benefit from an enhanced overview that enables them to assess project progress and react in real-time, through in-task comments and a file-sharing hub.

About Azendoo Founded in 2012, Azendoo is a web and mobile application dedicated to project and collaborative task management. It helps companies increase their agility and synchronize their teams. Built on the collaborative and social business model, Azendoo leverages cloud collaboration apps to provide the simplest and most powerful way of sharing tasks, messages and files across teams, and of staying in sync on projects. Azendoo’s user base reached 300,000 users in 2014.

Azendoo in figures:

  • June 2012: Market launch and fundraising of 700K€
  • January 2013: winner of Best Web Application 2013 by The Next Web
  • May 2013: Evernote, Box, Google & Dropbox integrations
  • August 2013: Azendoo available in eight languages
  • February 2014: launch of Azendoo Ambassadors program
  • October 2014: winner of Evernote Best Multi-Platform Award
  • February 2015: 300,000 users across 160+ countries
  • May 2015: Task Pilot release

Website: Dedicated ‘Task Pilot’ page:
Task Pilot Press Kit:

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