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Celebrity Designer, Anthony Phills Invents Binge Publishing and Applies It to His New Trilogy, “On The Edge Of Knight”!

Celebrity designer, Anthony Phills has burst back on to the book scene by creating and introducing a trilogy, On the Edge Of Knight , making the books come alive using his invention “Binge Publishing” for the production. It’s a story that engages and involves the reader.
by frhuynh1 November 2017
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Anthony Phills

Anthony Phills is a visual storyteller with a reputation for designing innovative apps and enterprise software. His first book, Designing for the Home Run King (Barry Bonds) was a prototype in content delivery.  That production was the basis for Anthony to push the envelope and develop Binge Publishing.  The myriad of components involved with Binge Publishing techniques were used to produce his latest book series, On The Edge of Knight. Phills is not only releasing an engaging spy-thriller but also a revolutionary new method of publishing that will change how readers experience books.

Those around him consider him a “Renaissance man,” the rare polymath that can do it all. Anthony Phills is a full stack designer for celebrities and movie studios, a magazine publisher, speaker, author, and now the inventor of “Binge Publishing.” This month Phills released a work of fiction, a short-story trilogy all at the same time. He says this feat planted the seed for what he hopes will become a revolution in publishing. After years of playing with the idea of creating a fictional spy thriller based around a black protagonist, Phills began work on a book trilogy that would become On The Edge of Knight. The stories are focused on the adventures of Marine veteran Tony Knight, a jaded intelligence asset with a fondness for booze and a weakness for women. According to one reader, Knight is what would happen “if Man on Fire’s John Creasy went to work for Pulp Fiction’s Marcellus Wallace instead of Samuel Ramos.”

As Phills was crafting his novel he couldn’t help but consider the various options technology afforded storytelling.

 “I consider myself a visual storyteller,” says Phills. “My background in design certainly influenced how I approached writing this novel. I could see the novel unfold in front of me, and as I visualized it—the sights, sounds, and flavor of Knight’s world, I began to think about the potential to actually integrate those various components into the experience.”

With the Knight Trilogy Phills wanted to combine and take the elements of multi-media to the next level. The result is a Multiple Platform Interactive (MPI) publishing, or as he calls it “Binge Publishing.” Binge Publishing starts with the key element, a story that is either published in paperback or eBook format and then submerges the reader by employing various MPI applications. Binge Publishing is about delivering more than just words over the course of a few hundred pages, but also providing: music, art, photos, e-commerce and even games that all work in synergy to create a dynamic experience for the reader.

“We’re world building with our novels,” says Phills, “whether it’s an espionage thriller or high fantasy. With MPI you can build that world quicker and more effectively and make a story come alive. Imagine if Tolkien or Ian Fleming had access to the technology we have today to share their worlds with the reader.”

The Knight Experience is a collection of three separate stories that together are a series that can be purchased together or separately through Amazon or Apple. Readers interested in stepping into Knight’s world have apps, podcasts and mixtapes through KAAOS Radio that were designed to augment and enhance the novel reading experience. With the purchase of the series, the user gets extended “inside” access to the various elements and collections on KAAOS Radio, something Phills was excited to collaborate on with Navid Lancaster. Lancaster is a respected musician and music producer, as well as, CEO of LANCAST, a company that develops jingles, music, and film soundtracks.  According to Phills, being able to work with other creative professionals opened up his vision and enabled him to see that there really were no limits to what could be sewn into the reader’s experience.

One of the key factors for Phills was to use the “Content Marketing” model and expand upon it. Binge Publishing was designed to provide not only a comprehensive experience for readers, but also to allow them to sample the stories before buying.

We’re going where no man has gone before on this one,” says Phills. “We’re turning that rainy afternoon with a good book into a multi-media adventure that will transport readers into the story giving a voice to the characters and music to set the mood. I can’t wait to take the next step with Binge Publishing.”

About Anthony W. Phills

Anthony Phills is a full stack designer, a magazine publisher, speaker, author, and the inventor of Multi-Platform Interactive (MPI) publishing or “Binge Publishing.” As the owner of his own design business, Phills has worked with movie studios, major corporations, and designed for celebrities like Barry Bonds, Johnny Gill, and Jay-Z and brings his knowledge of design and entertainment to the Knight Trilogy.  With The Edge of Knight, Phills introduces new way of storytelling to audiences that combines traditional publishing with that of electronic multi-media. The result is a trilogy that submerges the reader in Knight’s world and invites them to go along and -in some cases- participate in his adventures.

About Navid Lancaster

Navíd (pronounced: Nah-veed) Lancaster is a musician, music producer and the owner of LANCAST, an independent company that creates music, soundtracks, jingles and commercials. He has composed the soundtrack for the Steven Taylor film ‘Buck – The Man Spirit’ which won the BPTT People’s Choice Award for Best Short at the 2012 Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. He has also composed the soundtrack and trailer music for the 2013 film ‘Jab In The Dark’ which also won the People’s Choice Award that year. He is also a member of the Bahá’í Faith. He holds an EDEXCEL BTEC HND in Media and Communications and a BA (Hons) First Class Honors in Media and Communications from the University of Greenwich, England. He also holds an MA in New Media and Society from the University of Leicester, England.

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