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Co-Washing, the Latest Hair Care Secret as Explained by LuxeOrganix

by Zoe Tomas22 January 2016

Mesa, AZ—With so many environmental-based allergies and hormone issues being reported in the news associated with women’s “beauty” supplies, wary consumers are beginning to look for more gentle and natural methods of hygiene and skincare. Companies like LuxeOrganix are providing alternatives to the harsh and unfriendly products found in most stores and even –still—in some salons. Not only does the company provide top of the line haircare products, but also advice on how to get the most out of their products like their recent articles on “co-washing.” For those who have not heard of “co-washing”, their Co-Founder is quick to explain its meaning and benefits:

“’Co-wash’ is a term that has been used by top salons and stylists for a number of years now, but the rest of us have been slow to catch on,” says Christine Kominiak. “It simply means ‘washing with conditioner only’—something most women would hear and shake their head over. Co-Washing responds to the age-old advice from hair stylists that we need to give our hair “days off” from washing so that you don’t strip your scalp and hair of its natural, healthy oils.”

Co-washing with a cleansing conditioner extends the period of time between shampooing, and with the right products will leave the hair looking better than before. It tends to be the right fit for those with wanting to reduce frizz, smooth curls, soften hair and make styling more manageable. The company is quick to point out that not all conditioners are good for “co-washing.” Argan or heavy oil-based conditioners should not be used for co-washing, and instead recommends their Refreshing Mint CoWash Cleansing Conditioner.

LuxeOrganix products can be found on

LuxeOrganix, a Mesa-based Health and Beauty company that specializes in fine haircare products for the busy human, is now offering their health conscious hair care line through Amazon.


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Zoe Tomas
I have had 15 years of writing and marketing experience, the bulk of which were at Fortune 500 companies. I have written for news blogs, fashion magazines, and even write fiction in my spare time under a pseudonym.

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