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by Zoe Tomas7 October 2016
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blazitBlazit Marketing is a Massachusetts-based web development and digital marketing firm that has quietly been behind the development of websites, eLearning programs, videos, and other digital solutions for countless individuals and businesses.  The company is owned by Nancy Shone, a Boston Area resident and video expert.  Content to leave her politics at home, Shone never believed that she would someday be called to activism, but the YouTube Heroes program and subsequent changes towards so-called “advertiser-friendly” content changed her mind.

Sites like Forbes have been covering the backlash for some time now, stating:

This new site change is a moderation program called “YouTube Heroes” where users gain points for captioning, flagging and reporting videos. It is essentially moderation via gamification.    

Wait, how could anyone be afraid of a “hero” though? Aren’t they supposed to make you feel safe? To protect you?

Well, not if the rule of law is mob rule, which happens to be the rule of law YouTube celebrities and their fandoms follow. YouTubers have been dealing with mob rule among themselves for years, and they see this new initiative as a way to make mob rule official

Considering that this behavior certainly has played out before in history with less than safe consequences, there is good reason for many to feel alarmed.  Coming on the heels of Twitter’s suspiciously titled, Trust and Safety Council, described an Orweillian Nightmare, by The Week writer Pascal – Emmanuel Gobry this shift feels momentous. That momentum is what prompted Nancy to revisit her old video channel Blazit and create user-friendly upgrades in order to relaunch it as an alternative for content creators who are finding YouTube a less welcome home.

It’s not that I believe Blazit will ever become the next YouTube. Those types of success stories are one in a million, says Shone.  What I wanted to provide was an idea that people could use to inspire them to think outside the paradigm.  When enough people challenge a bully or even ignore the bully, it will back down, and right now Google (and YouTube) are being bullies. 

Videos posted on Blazit can be original or just a copy of the YouTube video.  She doesn’t believe that her site will ever get to the point where videos can be monetized in a conventional way, so she is looking towards other methods of rewarding content creators, as well as, seeking sponsors to help defray the cost.  When asked what sort of content she will allow on Blazit her response was “anything short of ISIS recruitment.”

The site is seeking both content creators and sponsors for videos that are considered too “problematic” for YouTube’s advertisers.  She lists subjects like:

  • Medical Marijuana
  • Hemp
  • Video Games
  • Music
  • Organic products
  • Complementary Health
  • Politics

as all being okay and welcomed subjects for people to post videos about.  For more information on Blazit, visit the website at:

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