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by Cristiane Roget10 May 2017

Submitted by Cristiane Roget, correspondent PR Global Media ,  a division of AdAvenueGroup.com

Palm Beach, FL  With  so much turmoil at the top, tumultuous miss-steps and a prevailing disparity between the ‘haves’ and  ‘have nots’ fanned by a voracious pop-media- one may miss the groundswell of resistance taking hold in ad hoc communities across the land.

A status quo fueled by obscene consumption is being repudiated.  Many among us have adobted a perspective (NPR calls it  a ‘Cosmic’ p.o.v.) that is more about deceleration rather than the frantic pace underpinning an ethos of buy-buy-buy!

The path to social harmony and peace of mind among the world’s citizens is rather than feeling , ‘left behind’  a ‘can do’ spirit  sees countless ‘individuals’ feeling empowered.   In lui of buying into a machine fueled by obscene consumption many are forging lifestyles that embrace simplicity, family and fraternity while pursuing  jobs in health, education, advanced manufacturing, sustainability or artisan pursuits.

The increasingly spectre  of a totalitarian environmentally degraded dystopia where wealth and power is concentrated among a few has like minded tribes banding together to create a vibrant commercial, arts and cultural scene.  Optimists would venture we are poised for a future of economic prosperity, social harmony and as a force for good in the world.

Case in point, last weekend’ s March for Science evolved from a social media campaign.  It captivated an international out-pouring of  vocal resistance among those in a discipline that has  traditionally kept science out of politics.  Supporters rallied around the slogan  that  ‘Science is not an Alternative Fact’ and that Albert Einstein the subject of the new National Geographic mini-series Genius starring Geoffrey Rush was in fact a ‘refugee’.

Simultaneous protests in hundred’s of cities around the nation and beyond are marching and pinging their protest.  Motivated by a ruling elite that disparages climate change as “a hoax” and a President  surrounded by a cabinet hostile to advances in science and technology.

‘Spring at Elizabeth Station, ‘Global goes Local’ in a vast open space  in Downtown West Palm Beach , a combs throw from Mara Lago, (the other White House)  the ‘Spring at Elizabeth Station’ a seasonal outdoor-indoor marketplace served as a litmus test for the  best and worst of times we live in.

A cabbage patch of warehouses, well tended tiny homes saddling the train tracks and a burgeoning of studios, work  spaces and shops run by soul proprietors thrive in stark contrast with the posh, extravagantly priced City Place emporiums nearby.  ‘Spring at Elizabeth Station’ producers, participants and guests celebrated the season’s final installment with a gathering of creative independent purveyors whose  ‘side hustle’  has become, for many, a full time occupation.

“Purchasing power is a license to purchase power.”, Raoul Varneigem

With break out companies like  Uber,  Air B&B and Spotify are leading the way to economic sustainability.  A  ‘bottom up ‘economy is taking hold as a unique and effective form of resistance.  By abstaining from obscene consumerism and copious waste the harbinger of a decimated habitat many are coming out of their ‘cocoons’ to engage with friends, family and neighbors.  The hum and buzz in the aisles and community garden spoke of  a milieu that are powering down Facebook ™ for some rejuvenating face time.

Several standouts were Sakura Soap company by Chief Alchemist Jaclyn Rossell,  to graphic artist  Renee Griffith’s with an au courant collection of  hand crafted greeting cards that truly makes one’s ‘Heart Swell’ as she calls her company.   Melanie and Jesse Feldman Preservation Purveyors displaying a mid century selection of cookie jars,  tchotchkes, vintage  vinyl and destination postcards could easily join forces with Alan Bruce Kaiser a craftsman specializing in historic home restoration.     Even the officer of the peace on duty was entranced with first edition LP’s that spanned pop music from Sammy Davis Jr. to LL Cool J.

For the sartorial minded Melissa’s ‘Tilda’  boutique with her ‘hubbie’ aka Brit backer bring from Spain, France , Italy and the British Isles curated, one-of-a-kind collections from emerging designers at “gasp” prices that undercut even the Big Box stores.

Black Coral, the latest iteration of  hand-crafted exotic rums was  ‘Poured with Pride’ by Ben Etheridge and his GQ  crew.  The specter of alt nationalism and simmering social intolerance is being subsumed by days of celebration with pop up communities channeling Ghandi, and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  and a posture of passive resistance. “Bend like a Reed” confirms Simone Stewart – a trifecta of art-musician and photographer.


We vow to purge our lives of useless stuff. We embrace the newest status symbol: minimalism.

“Music, Art and Film by its very  nature  possessrs the DNA that defines, engages and propels local to global culture,” according to world recognized fine artist and photographer Daniel Stanford who will be hosting a pre-emptive solo exhibit and gala reception at the nearby Mondrian Hotel a bespoke Morgan Group property and home of the  Sky Bar. art@daniel-stanford.com for r.s.v.p.


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With a future rife with uncertainties, these organic events play out in stark contrast with the prevailing dark and pessimistic .  ‘Art’ by its very nature is an exercise in free expression.   Historically it has served as a powerful  tool of resistance as it entertains  and engages.  Think of the massacre of the Charlie Hebdo satirist, Chris Olifi’s bold derisionary statements and photographer Lee Jeffries  haunting images of societies castoffs and dregs.  In an era of the internet; images proliferate, merge, and alter in an Adobe second. One would think that the power of a simple, graffiti-like scrawl, a single photo frame or a dab of paint would  benumb and reckon us indifferent.   The ubiquity of images and a burgeoning of  progressive ideas that eschew bigotry and  hypocrisy still inflames.


About Daniel Stanford

Daniel Stanford’s transcendent work, ‘Gov. Love is Toxic’ is the latest iteration of the FascinAsia series exposes a world fraught with environmental degradation, tethered individual freedoms and social mechanization. The FascinAsia collection speaks a language both visceral and globally accessible as a harbinger of higher metaphorical detachment and the ramifications of obscene consumerism

Caption – Acclaimed as  ‘pop novo’ genre Stanford is in  the private collections of Rhianna, Snoop Dogg and featured in top gallery’s throughout Europe, Asia and the Western Hemisphere.

Daniel Stanford www.Daniel-Stanford.com

The Administration’s Position on Art

Rick Fulker for DW.com , Made for Minds surmised, “though Trump has consistently been non committal about the role of art in society some of his campaign comments are indicative of what lies ahead.  According to “The Art Newspaper,” between 1994 and 2010 Donald Trump contributed $465,125 to arts-affiliated organizations in New York – a trifling sum in light of the real estate magnate’s estimated net worth of $10 billion. More unsettling was his description of Chris Ofili’s controversial painting named “The Holy Mary Virgin” – a work incorporating elephant dung – as “absolutely gross and degenerate” the same term employed by Adolf Hitler for art that did not suit his ideology.

For details regarding future exhibits and Media Interviews – Contact Ali Aliabadi 954-257-7964 or email ali@artcierge.comor Cristiane Roget – rogetlink@adavenuegroup.comfor media inquiries

Invite the Media, a division of AdAvenueGroup-Paris is the onsite press liaison and photographer Alejandro  Martignon and/or Cristiane Roget will make sure you are supplied with photos,  updated media advisories and anything you may need to make your reporting on this stellar event a breeze.   rogetlink@adavenuegroup.com / 561-465-5979 – 310-220-9118


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