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Demand for Compact Modular Eco Homes Expands in “Leaps Without Boundaries” at the OTC Congress & Beyond

by Cristiane Roget25 May 2018

by Cristiane Roget, Correspondent VIP-AdAvenueGroup – Epoch Times – May 25, 2018

Houston /Texas- The 50th iteration of the Offshore Technology Conference (O.T.C.) saw 61,300 energy – forward professionals from one hundred nations convene last week  in Houston’s breathtaking steel and glass girder, Expo Center in NPR Park.

Surrounded by drill bits, pipe fitters, fracking firms and multi-national petroleum outfits;  the confab comprised energy executives who have dug more oil than the Clampetts. Among those exhibitors were ConocoPhillips, National Oilwell Varco, Baker Hughes – a GE company, Aker Solutions and Oceaneering  International.  The contingent  of energy executives were gathered at the birthplace of ‘Texas crude’  to make critical decisions, share ideas, and develop business partnerships to meet mounting  global energy demands.

Tucked away in an unassuming corner of the  NRG Park-Houston’s top trade show, convention, sports and entertainment complex, was an envoy of sales and marketing executives from Archispace™;  one of the world’s largest manufacturer of container-like, sustainable, commercial spaces and affordable homes. With plants in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Beijing the factories have a output capacity in excess of 5000 homes a month.  “Archispace™ is one of a hand full of companies worldwide that can produce high-volume compact, pre-manufactured eco dwellings with superlative components ,”  confirms Holmes Stoner, Chairman of the Pacific Rim Business Council and co-founder of Compact Modular Eco Homes (

States Stoner, “The PRBC in association with Co-Modeco entered into a strategic alliance with Asian based manufacturers of modular homes and commercial spaces in 2015.  Ahead of the curve these companies scaled quickly and are now building in excess of 10,000 homes a month.  These plants utilized the world’s most advanced building technology retrofitting their factories to build turn-key homes as well as durable and theft proof shipping containers.  Our trade partners had the  prescience to preempt a problem that has reached epic proportions just two short decades into a new millennium.

Our partners can meet and even exceed the demand.  Each habitat is custom built to the buyers specs with turnkey delivery to destination within 75 days of order.  Imagine Legos™  on steroids,  Archispace™ among others build cold storage warehouses, indoor growtainers, commercial spaces, emergency shelters and at their pinnacle of production, Affordable, sustainable and sturdy homes.  With an estimated 1.6 billion people lacking adequate housing on our planet we are advancing sustainable solutions to address an escalating need.”

Taking a walk on the right side of history; futuristic companies like Archispace to more modest concerns like Alternative Living Spaces in Las Vegas,  Wyn-Box in Downtown Miami and Compact Modular Eco Homes ( based in Southern California and with a satellite office in South Florida offer a glimmer of hope to the millions in dire need of safe and economical living spaces.

Attending the OTC was Francois Huynh, Founder of AdAvenueGroup and Co-Modeco Media Partner. Francois helms a global news service and corresponds for Forbes Magazine, Epoch Times and several special interest, internet magazines. He confirms,As the dearth of available, affordable housing spirals upwards the nation’s wage earners and those on fixed incomes spend close to half their earnings on shelter. ” Or according to a recent report in Bloomberg, ‘the 30% rule governing rental expenditures is meaningless’.

On the other end of the spectrum an investigative report in the May 6,  edition of the Miami Herald, confirmed  ‘Trump’s $400M Real Estate Spending Spree Sheds Light on the King of Debt‘. With Co-modeco’s Florida offices, a combs throw from the defacto Palm Beach White House,  the divide widens between escalating housing shortages and the Golf Courses, mega hotels and 13 magnificent properties that are President Trumps personal investment in making  ‘America Great Again”.  That cool half billion would have provided 3,500 Co-Modeco homes, suitable for a family of 4.” confirms Lisa Sussman, a  Starz Foundation Board Member. Sussman a TV segment producer, owns with her husband, Gary a successful South Florida residential and commercial building supply and interior design company. Starz Foundation, presided over by Candace Rojas,  and her fellow board members are leading the charge to find housing solutions for the region’s at-risk and marginalized populations.

According to Ken Brown , co-founder of Modd Living and an executive at LionChase Holdings, a Washington D.C. Based equity financing company, “Asia’s steel manufacturing  plants offer ground-breaking solutions to the spiraling shortage of affordable homes.  Co-Modeco’s and the like are comfortable, environmentally sustainable and an aesthetic joy in their geometric simplicity“.

With prices starting at $25,000 for a 190 sq ft to $40,000 for a 390 sq ft, turnkey residence, there are a number of financial institutions that are redefining their low interest, high yield loans to finance compact homes that subscribe to the identical building protocols as shipping containers, vastly reducing the cost of delivery and installation.

Among them are Vanderbilt Mortgage, 21st Mortgage and America Financial Resources in Parrisppany, New Jersey. “We are in the business of financing mobile and pre-manufactured homes under the moniker ‘chattel’.   Our qualification criteria is adjusted for applicants that are minimum wage earners, on fixed incomes and first time home buyers.  Unlike more traditional lending institutions our customers credit worthiness is only one component in our lending decision”.

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