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Designer Liam Zed Invites Critics to Pelt Him with Tomatoes

by Zoe Tomas7 May 2017

Toronto, CA May 4th, 2017

Liam Zed the Designer has cut quite the controversial swath through the Toronto design scene. Zed has worked in both marketing and graphics for companies in both Canada and abroad, always taking the next step in design whenever possible. His reputation for pushing the envelope has won him many admirers and critics. It is to the latter that Zed offers the opportunity to come to his home and throw tomatoes at him.

“I’ve had some brilliant ideas and some s**t ideas,” says Zed. “I take solace in knowing that all of my heroes have done the same. You have to be bold and take those risks that others aren’t willing to take if you want to separate yourself from the pack. There are people who are critical of my work and as a living art project, I invite them to come and throw tomatoes at me.”

Liam Zed, or Liam Zalitach as he was named by his parents has spent years honing his craft at prestigious art schools and international programs like Ontario Global Edge program before stepping out and advancing his career by working for big names like Sony and SNKRBOX. Today, Zed works with small to mid-sized businesses, helping them to develop their talents and expose them to marketing methods that will gain them the type of visibility they need to survive in the modern global economy. In addition to creating graphics and marketing campaigns for his clients, he also works as a coach and business consultant to help young designers learn how to market their talents and make a living as a freelancer.

“Life is short,” says Zed. “Spend it doing what you love and helping others do the same. Just like with my ‘Tomato Challenge’ I wanna hear from my critics. I want to feel the intensity of their dislike for my work, …or tomatoes as the case may be.  I’m putting myself out there and challenging the world to dislike me.”

For those interested in tomato chucking, direct your queries to:

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Zoe Tomas
I have had 15 years of writing and marketing experience, the bulk of which were at Fortune 500 companies. I have written for news blogs, fashion magazines, and even write fiction in my spare time under a pseudonym.

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