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Introducing The Economy of Grace Women’s Empowerment Brunch

The First Event In The Collective Soul Series

Brooklyn, NY: On Sunday June 5th 2016 1:00pm to 4:00pm, The Black Reign Collective will be holding their first annual women’s empowerment brunch, which focuses on financial education, entrepreneurship and lifestyle enrichment. The brunch is titled “Economy Of Grace”, named after Khinde Wiley’s hugely successful group of paintings depicting African American women who were cast on the streets of New York. It will take place at Kinanm Lounge, 856 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

“This event is very close to my heart” said Ena Johnson, a 25 year old Bronx resident and one of the women found on the streets of New York to become Wiley’s muse. In fact Ms. Johnson played an important role in the planning of the brunch, which is aimed at young African American women. The brunch features guest speakers such as Amanda Brown, a community organizer who created the documentary “Black Heirlooms” discussing the need for generational wealth in the African American community. “I’m very excited about this event!” said Evita Robinson, another one of the event’s noted speakers and the creator of The Nomadness Travel Tribe which has ushered in a vibrant age of urban travel.


Event highlights include:

•    A large portion of event proceeds being donated to women’s organizations
•    One attendee winning a Carver Bank money market account with a beginning balance of $250
•    Two attendees winning individual stock
•    Multiple raffle items, including one item from a professional female athlete

Economy Of Grace is one of four planned annual events titled the Collective Soul Series. For more information you may contact event organizer and Black Reign Collective founder Ronnette A. Cox through email at or by phone at 718-809-2551.

The Black Reign Collective, BRC for short is a group of young African Americans who have tasked themselves with spreading inspiration, knowledge and support within their communities through social engagement.

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