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Epoch Times & NTD TV Hosts 17th Anniversary Gala Fundraiser, Sat. October 7 Universal Hilton

by Cristiane Roget8 August 2017

Epoch Times – New Tang Dynasty TV guiding principle is inspired by an ancient Chinese proverb that says “A light can extinguish a thousand years of darkness” [一燈能破千年暗].

Beverly Hills/CA.  Who doesn’t  like a generous scoop of  insider’s news? Whether it be a shape shifting trade agreement to insights into the latest fashion trends.  Though popular culture is consistently covered in the internationally respected Epoch Times and the New Tang Dynasty TV Network their in depth and balanced reporting is what has built their enviable reputation.

Insider access is also promised to the 700 guests that will attend the 17th Anniversary Epoch Times – NTD TV Gala Fundraiser to be held at the California Universal Hilton, Saturday – October 7th from 6-10 pm.  Guests will experience a tantalizing opportunity to become acquainted with elusive game changers that are driving the media, entertainment, corporate and institutional arenas today.

Combine new found relations with a delectable, nine-course gourmet meal, celebrity photo opportunities, engaging entertainment and acclaimed keynote speakers; the Epoch Times–NTD TV 17th Anniversary Fundraiser promises to be a memorable and exceptional evening where black tie is optimal.

As the Free-for-All Internet Seizes the News the grip on the Truth Loosens

While legacy press outlets struggle to adhere to an ethos of balanced reporting; the ‘post-fact’ era is increasingly more pervasive, virulent and divisive.  Traditional media from the New York Times to the Epoch Times find themselves under siege by a profusion of obfuscating hucksters, censorship of weighty issues by repressive totalitarian governments and unscrupulous bloggers pandering to a voracious, gullible public.

Conversely Epoch Times and their sister entity New Tang Dynasty TV continue to grow as a beacon of unbiased objectivity in the reporting of breaking news and thoughtful, in-depth editorial.   Published in 21 languages with distribution in 35 countries and with bureaus in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Toronto, London, Paris, Sydney and Tokyo; the global news organization adheres to freedom of the press (and humanity) as their guiding principle. The organization’s genesis in 2003 hailed from an urgent need to provide uncensored news for a public immersed in propaganda and censorship emanating out of China’s state controlled news outlets.

More than a decade ago Epoch Times reporters witnessed first-hand events and the duplicitous official story of  the Tienanmen Square atrocity and the repression of Tibetans national identity and right’s to self determination.  Confirm Board of Director Member, Dr. Dana Churchill, of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, DAFOH,  “Another  editorial was (and is) the relentless persecution of the Falun Gong and the Muslim Uyghurs in the North West region of  China.  As victims of religious and ethnic cleansing resulting in the state sanctioned commercial trade of forced organ harvesting.

These intrepid reporters founded Epoch Times in the United States to counter the proliferation of news that intentionally distorts our collective grasp on the truth.

“Integrity and truthfulness in reporting, together with the stories that really matter are cornerstones of Epoch Times,” says Jan Jekielek, Editor of Epoch Times.  According to Anastasia Lin who plans to make a special appearance at the Gala, “I have tremendous respect for the Epoch Times editorial content due to their unwavering commitment to objective reporting and socially responsible business practices as well as their respect for human rights and freedom”.  Ben Hedges, Host & T.V. Personality is also slated for a special appearance.

Organizers of the gala are inviting guests to reserve a table today as space is limited.  ‘Rose’ Sponsors may also receive the benefits of an ongoing media campaign being undertaken by the organizers in behalf of event underwriters.  Underwriters and sponsors of the gala fundraiser may be granted a generous, tailor-made marketing and advertising campaign to extend the guest’s company name and brand visibility.

An international campaign in association with California based Vector International Pictures and global news aggregater AdAvenueGroup was launched this week.    The 17th Anniversary Gala and Anniversary Fundraiser is set to unspool on Saturday, October 7th – 2017, 6 pm to 10 pm at the Universal Hilton, 555 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City, California 91608.

Dr. Dana Churchill, of the California based Optimal Health & Wellness Institute and The Churchill Center says, “Join us for a regal celebration at the nexus of truth in journalism, culinary excellence, culture and social engagement with one of the world’s leading news organizations”.

Mrs. and Dr. Dana Churchill are coordinating the gala’s ‘Luxury Silent Auction’.  Among the donations to date are a delectable selection of Raines Farm Waygu Grassfed Beef, a case of the superlative Soul Cachaca and a museum quality art work by the esteemed multi-media artist Daniel Stanford.   Those with donations should be in contact directly with DrC@drdanachurchill.com 

It is our goal to heighten public awareness of New Tang Dynasty TV and Epoch Times as a trusted source for fair, uncensored and unbiased news reporting with a special focus on breaking news from Asia and specifically China,” confirms Dr. Dana Churchill.

For more information about our media companies, visit https://youtu.be/HEHefNds5Rk

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