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Fluffy Layers to Debut Fun Farming Fashion at Mother Earth News Convention

by Zoe Tomas31 March 2016
Up and coming
Fluffy Layers to Debut Fun Farming Fashion at Mother Earth News Convention

Fluffy Layers is a Maryland-based agri-fashion company that wants to put the fun back in farming with their unique design take on utilitarian clothing.  Fluffy Layers will be presenting at the Mother Earth News Convention in Asheville, NC on April 9th & 10th.

Silver Spring, MD—The resurgence of backyard chickens and urban farming have led to a small industry of innovators and entrepreneurs who have not only taken small plot farming to new heights, but also tried to bring a little more panache to the party.  Fluffy Layers is a design company out of Maryland who creates fashionable, fun, but ultimately utilitarian products for the small farm and urban agriculture enthusiasts!  As the creators of the spirited and attractive Egg Collecting Apron®, a full size ruffled and pocketed apron, this company hit the ground running.  It now produces scarves in chic patterns that can be worn in the backyard and beyond.  The company was founded by Tara J. Grier in 2015, a graduate of West Virginia University.  Grier took her backyard chicken experience and applied the knowledge she had gained from studying fashion and textiles to create her Egg Collecting Apron®, her signature product which she will be displaying at the famous homesteading and small farming convention.

fluffy apron

“We are all incredibly excited to be at the Mother Earth News Convention,” enthused Grier.  “Mother Earth News has been an incredible magazine and resource for Earth lovers, farmers, and homesteaders for years!   This convention is going to be so much fun, and I can’t wait to show off our Egg Collecting Apron, Farm aprons, and scarves.  Our Egg Collecting Aprons not only let you look great while performing your backyard tasks but you can place eggs safely within them as you go searching for more.”

Fluffy Layers has two different styles of farming aprons, but the Egg Collecting Apron® is probably the company’s most proud innovation, containing perfectly shaped tiny pockets for holding up to ten eggs.   The design of the aprons is perfect for the job, but what makes them so popular with farm stores and urban gardening enthusiasts are their merry patterns and color schemes.  When she was designing the apron, Grier knew she needed an edge to make the aprons and items iconic.  She hired fabric designer, Annie Lim, to design the fun and flirty farm patterns that are on all the Fluffy Layer items.


“We are excited about showing off our fabrics and our designs to everyone at the convention and we hope that our fans come out and see us at the show,” says Grier.  “It’s going to be a good time.”

For more information about Fluffy Layers, visit the website at:


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