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Hip Hop Aficionados Beware, TRIL15TARR Drops on Datpiff

by Zoe Tomas2 May 2016

TRIL15TARRTRIL15TARR is the latest mixtape from Trill Star Mafia that is available for download at Datpiff.  The mixtape is a compilation of the best hip hop jams of 2015.

Rio Grande City, TX—In today’s world of polish and visual flash, fresh hip hop is harder and harder to be found.  Long gone are the days where acts like KRS-One can find a home on pure talent and authentic voice in the commercial music industry.  It takes an underground scene to bring out the type of raps and flavor that come from pure heart and experience.  Trill Star Mafia is a South Texas hip hop production company that works with independent artists all over Texas to produce local music with heart.  The company was founded in 2007 by a bunch of friends who loved old school hip hop and the way it incorporated the flavor of the particular neighborhood that it came from.  No social polishing, no fancy production tricks—just deep tracks with heavy beats.  Nearly 10 years later the company is still producing good music and taking their particular style to the world through their artistry.   TRIL15TARR is the compilation tape of their best from 2015 and something the Mafia is proud to produce.

“In 2015, we lost our leader Jorge “Bigg Coke” Barrera and something died within us,” says Epic.  “He was a brother, father, and mentor so it took some time to get us back on our feet.  This tape is something we know he’s be proud of.  Not only is it some of our best tracks, but it proves that we have what it takes to keep going.”

Epic assures those who follow Trill Star Mafia that crowd favorite,AKdaRockStarr- SKiNNY- Pourin is on the tape.  They can also expect to see the best from all the artists in the Trill Star Mafia label like: DJ MYKE NYSE, Lisa Anita, Billy Young, BRKN DABZ, AKdaRockStarr , and YKG.  The mixtape drops on May 6th and is available on Datpiff.

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Zoe Tomas
I have had 15 years of writing and marketing experience, the bulk of which were at Fortune 500 companies. I have written for news blogs, fashion magazines, and even write fiction in my spare time under a pseudonym.

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