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I Believe In You: A Book Series for Children and Adults

by Zoe Tomas1 February 2016

RebeccaBTampa Fl—Author and artist, Rebecca B, describes herself as a “…normal every day girl who loves sunshine, glitter, bright colors, and anything that sparkles.” It can only be expected then that someone so devoted to glitter and fantasy can create the type of whimsical tales that can not only impart values of self-love, but also encourage children to make use of their own talents and imagination.  The “I Believe In You” Book Series is a collection of children’s books that were designed to build self-esteem, encourage young minds to explore.

“I wanted to write something to help us all remember how absolutely brilliant we are. Children need to hear these words over and over again so they understand all that they are capable of. Time and life sometimes causes us as adults to forget that message also.  My hope as I wrote each of these stories was that as parents and children read them together they would both be reminded in a very special way that they are a light in this world and capable of doing so many wonderful things.”


Each of the books in the collection also has a corresponding video on the website which helps to reinforce the story’s positive message.  The book series was created with kids and their parents in mind.

“Trini Bee; You Are Never Too Small To Do Great Things” and “Ladybug Lizzie Lou; Every Person is Special; You Don’t Need A Crown” are the first two books in this ongoing series. They can be found on Amazon.

For more information on Rebecca B Books feel free to visit their website : WWW.REBECCABWORLD.COM

Company: The Imaginary World of Rebecca B

Contact: Rebecca B Books

Contact No.: 801-837-6352

Address: Tampa, Florida

Email Address:



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