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Infinite Timepieces Come to Kickstarter

by Zoe Tomas10 May 2017

Infinite Timepieces is a new project from designer Matt Doersam with the goal of creating a brand of watches that would be timeless and never go out of style.

Watches are one of the more useful fashion accessories. They are universally loved and have a ready-made demographic of buyers. Over the years, however, many types of watch designs have come and go. Fashion can be fickle. However, just like “the little black dress” there are certain styles that never got out of fashion. Matt Doersam wants to create the “little black dress” of watches and is going to Kickstarter looking for sponsors.

“There are so many watches on the market today, most of them are trendy and not really something that I can wear at both work and running around on weekends,” says Doersam. “My friends and I started talking about what we wanted in a watch: something simple, comfortable, sleek, and also affordable. After sketching it out we came up with what we believe will be a timeless watch.”

Infinite Timepieces is an Ontario based company with a goal of making watches that are durable, affordable, and can “go anywhere.”  The watches are crafted with alloy glass, genuine leather bands and a Japanese quartz movement. In order to fund their project, the company is using the pre-sale option. The pre-sales begin at $79 and end with $349. For a pledge of $79, donors will receive “The Classic” watch, a black leather and rose gold timepiece whereas a top pledge of $349 will get a set of six, limited edition Kickstarter exclusive timepieces.

“We wanted to have something for everyone and we believe using the pres-sale method we not only make it easier on ourselves to get funded, but we can judge the public’s reaction to our designs,” says NAME. “We’ve already gotten a lot of great reception from people in our area so we’re excited to see what the Kickstarter will do when it goes live.”

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Zoe Tomas
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