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iPeg is a new video format that enables “Transparent Background” and “Inline Auto Playback” in any browser. This new video format works much like a “streaming gif” and the development team has hopes that this new style of video will change how content creators use video in the future.

Advances in technology has steadily increase from “leaps and bounds” to light speed. As more and more people access the web using phones and tablets, the need for more interactive and easy to use tools becomes increasingly necessary. Companies like iPeg exist because they are able to supply services and technology that make it easier for the average person to get maximum value out of their web experience. iPeg is a new video format that the Chinese-based company has developed that will enable a “Transparent Background” and “Inline Auto Playback” in any browser.  What does that mean for the average web user?  It means that instead of using their finger to inform their iPhone that the video should start playing, it will play automatically like a gif. It also means that creator has more visual options as iPeg goes beyond HTML5’s capability by incorporating transparent pixel, as well as, square thus enabling layers of video that will work with other elements on the page.

“We are very excited to release this technology,” says developer INSERT NAME HERE. “We believe the goal of a technologist is to take that next step.  HTML5 was extremely advanced and enabled the type of flipping books and interactive media we have enjoyed for the past few years.  Our goal was to move forward from that into smarter, more intuitive technology and iPeg is our answer to that call.”

iPeg’s most important contribution, according to developers, is the ability to create a website that is alive with movement and operates with intelligence. Users will no longer have to do the “lifting” but instead enjoy what’s in front of them.

As a tool, iPeg is easy to use, with drop and drag technology. Anyone can convert files to be used on any website and visible through any web browser. The company created a pricing plan that would make it affordable for any web design company that wishes to add this technology to its bag of tricks. They will convert 60 videos for $300, or $5 a conversion.

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