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Kate Tumanova Announced as Lead in American Exorcism

by Zoe Tomas18 January 2017

Russian born actress, Kate Tumanova was cast in the lead role of American Exorcism, a dark indie thriller to be released in February 2016.

Los Angeles, CA–Russian actress Kate Tumanova (Ribbons, 2016) was recently cast as the lead in the indie horror flick, American Exorcism. From the film’s synopsis as described by Horror News:

Damon (Michael Filipowich, Longmire) was once possessed by a vicious demonic entity leaving him physically and emotionally damaged but giving him certain powerful abilities. Unfortunately for Damon exorcised demons don’t truly die and they certainly don’t forget.

The film was written and directed by Tripp Weathers of Thriller Films. Twenty-five year old Tumanova was cast as the lead role of Caroline, a manipulative teenager who is trying to understand her past relationships with her father and the men in her life, while also battling the influence of a demon living inside her. Tumanova was interested in the role because it explored more than just the supernatural oppression Caroline was feeling, but the feelings and turmoil that led to her possession.

“It’s a pretty dark and intense film,” says Tumanova. “I was excited not only to play someone who is going through so much emotional and psychological distress, but also someone with an American accent..”

This is Tumanova’s first lead in a film role since coming to the United States. The young actress has appeared in multiple shorts, as well as, having an extensive background in modeling in Russian and Europe. She has recently completed her Masters in Fine Arts for acting, which she hopes will help add to the resume she has created for herself both in the United States and abroad.

The film opens in February and Tumanova is excited to see how audiences react, “We had an incredible team working on it, and everyone is excited to get the movie out and show it off. As anyone who’s worked on a horror film can tell you, they’re truly a lot of fun to be in and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have the lead role.”

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