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King Solomon Baptist Church is Sponsoring a Community Walk for Unity and Peace

by Zoe Tomas27 July 2016
Press Contacts

Pastor Montagne McDonald
1417 10th Ave North
Nashville, TN 37208
(615) 244-4161

Local church group will host a community walk on August 13th at 8am at the Bi-Centennial Mall in Downtown Nashville.

Nashville, TN—The news has become filled with civil unrest, acts of violence, words of hate, and division. Many people in the United States and around the world are left feeling confused and hopeless, without outlets for positive change.  King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church wants to be a part of changing that and restoring hope, and they believe the best way to change the world is to start at home.  On August 13th at the Bi-Centennial Mall in downtown Nashville, the church is hosting a community walk for unity.

The church group has high hopes in the power of organic local movements, funded by no one and empowered by everyone. They want to be the instrument of peace and believe that to spread peace, one must embrace it selflessly.

It says in second Chronicles that if we humble ourselves and come together the Lord will heal our lands. This is a walk for our health, and the unity of Nashville,” says pastor Montagne McDonald.

We are walking for our health, walking to build and rebuild relationships, and walking to make our community better. We encourage all people to come! No color barriers, no religious barriers, no political barriers, no barriers at all!”

It is the desire if the church to create a walking event where people of all races, ages, and political persuasions to come out and get to know one another again, to build a better community by building relationships. As Nashville grows they want to ensure that it grows unified. The church asks that those interested meet at the Bi-Centennial Mall that morning at 8 am prepared to walk.

For more information about the event, please call the church at: (615) 244-4161

About the Church
King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church is a church whose mission is to reach out to the community armed with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We seek to make a change in our community by showing the love of Christ to our community.

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