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Letsky Innovations Shows Off the “Washbot”

by Zoe Tomas12 December 2016

Letsky Innovations is a Florida based design and development company that works with inventors and entrepreneurs to take their product from idea to design. The company has just produced a robotic arm called the “Washbot” that will take the labor out of power washing.

Boca Raton, FL—The old adage of “if you can dream it, you can become it” is put to good use in the world of robotics and tech, where if someone can dream it, someone else can build it.  Innovators aren’t always technical people. In fact, many a good idea dies because the idea’s originator doesn’t believe that he or she has the education, background, or skills to design it. Companies like Letsky Innovations take those good ideas and turn them into prototypes or product lines. One such good idea, a powerwashing tool that enables the washer to stay on the ground, has now been conceived, designed, and built by Letsky Innovations.

The Washbot is a “…remote controlled robotic platform designed to perform operations such as pressure washing, sandblasting and painting remotely.”  Letsky designers came up with a robotic arm that can be fitted with any tool, in this case a pressure nozzle. The pressure nozzle of the Washbot will supply and project water at a rate of 1500PSI or 3.5 gallons/minute. The robotic arm was designed to reach up to 50 feet when completely unfolded. This will enable homeowners or pressure company washers to remain on the ground rather than have to climb a ladder with high pressure equipment.

“The client came to us with a few requirements like how high it needed to reach, what type of force it would have to withstand, weight limits, and a few other variables, and then we took it from there,” says CEO Mike Letsky. “This is what we enjoy doing; showing someone how their idea can be implemented and watching another small business take flight.”

Letsky Innovations is a full-service product development company based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company provides a everything from design to development and production. Having been in the business for several years and innovators themselves, the team understands that what they are doing is more than just developing a concept they are helping to build on someone’s dream.  That means, not only helping to design and produce prototypes, but also create solutions that are workable and affordable for the company or individual. “We want to be that business that focuses on our client’s needs and budget, not where we can make the most money,” says Letsky.  “If you do right by people, that gets around and you get more clients.”

The company has created a blog about some of their favorite inventions that they have worked on for clients. The Washbot is detailed in their latest blog: Washbot Phase One.

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