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The Month of May saw Miami Metropolitan at the Epicenter of a Number of Glittering Firsts

by 3 June 2015

Miami/FL Commemorating over two decades in Paris (and Singapore) the arrival of Maison & Objet-America (in partnership with Miami’s own Design District) was met with rapt anticipation by South Florida sophisticates. The convergence of over 300 exhibitors at the Miami Beach Convention Center, May 12-15 witnessed the immersion of fashionable European exhibitions with a smattering of bespoke Miami based designers who met the stringent criteria of Maison + Objet’s organizers. Two South Florida standouts were Wolfgang Hofherr of Authentic Provence and Niba Home with Nisi Berryman.


Maison + Objet heralded a multi-media moment at the nexus of culture, art and aspiration unlike anything this city has hosted previously. The debut of Maison + Objet was reminiscent of earlier incarnations of Art Basel. Those at the cutting edge of design and innovation made it their business to attend. Many greatly appreciated M + O organizers extending the deadline for complimentary admissions to the 11th hour.

Next year’s edition is already being called “a red letter day”, a welcome addition to Miami’s renown as a world- class city, non parallel. With attendance outnumbering that of the recent Maison + Objet in Singapore, “The brilliance and superiority of the exhibitor’s displays caught many off guard,” said Kimberly Marin, Founder of Body Sculpture Centers of Florida.

International Restaurant Consultant, Alan McLennan (former Assistant Executive Chef at the Delano, Las Vegas Venetian and who honed his trade with the recipients of Nine! Michelin Stars) knows from where he speaks.   “Maison + Objet was not your typical home show with displays of Ganzo Knives, Veg-O Matics and Chamois sponges”, commented the striking Scottsman McLennan, who was seeking inspiration and accessories for the interior décor of his new South Florida Hollywood Headquarters.

Alan McLennan_Mmmm Wynwood

“Maison + Objet elevates the definition of luxury goods to a whole new realm” according to Bryce Benson C., co-Founder of Elite Med Spa, Elite Smile Designs and Marketing Director for Body Sculpture Centers of Florida. Appealing to contemporary tastes the 300 collections on display represented products and design concepts in fine art, home décor, floor and wall treatments , lighting, tableware, furnishings, upholstery fabric, linens, materials, overarching decoration concepts with fashion accessories , beauty and skin care products to please.

One may never know if it was prescience or coincidence that Liubnasha Rose, an inspired muse and fellow interior designer Kemper Hines staged the ravishing reveal of 1 Hotel & Homes- South Beach to coincide with five other Miami centric events taking place in May. The gathering called Designed By Nature | Celebrating the 1 Hotel South Beach Designer. The event honored the designers who brought the Hotelier’s vision of an environmentally-conscious design celebrating the beauty of nature to fruition.  Designers included Meyer Davis Studio and Nikola Gradinski for the public spaces and rooftop, Débora Aguiar, Samuel Amoia Associates and Artefacto Miami for our residential areas.


Earth Day Eve at Vizcaya Gardens (a designate in the National Registry of Historical Places) and the Grand Opening of Blueshift Project- Wynwood also took place in May in Miami. The premiere exhibit featured a Metal Work Playground by twice gifted, Andrew Levitas, who wrote/directed “Lullaby” with Amy Adams Richard Jenkins.



For preservationists the Annual Earth Day Eve at Vizcaya Gardens hosted by Patrice Gillespie, Director of Miami my-design-week-maison-et-objet-americas-2015-info-and-exhibitors-list-Baldi-lightings-1024x764Dade ‘Neat Streets’ & ‘Public Places’ was a welcome addition to the regions multi-culture combined with superlative cuisine. Field to table amuse bouche were served up by Alex Martinez and Sublette Hernandez, Corporate Chef and Director of VeRestaurant Group, respectively. The Italian inspired bites from Segafredos were paired with succulent libations by Papa’s Pilar, Ernest Hemingway’s namesake aged Rum brand.

Earth Day Eve celebrants, included representatives from the Audubon Society and Smithsonian Institute with attendees using the occasion to note the beauty and variety of the natural world with a bit of remorse about how humans have treated planet Earth. Proceeds were dedicated to Million Trees Miami.

M&O-05Produced by Rhythm Foundation proponents of a global music tradition for over a quarter of a century the monthly Big Night in Little Haiti wrapped up the month of May 2015. James and Laura Quinlan with Jean De Sousa are Florida’s stewards of world music. Past performances by headliners Caetano Veloso, Youssou n’Dour (called one of the ‘100 Most Influential People in the World’ by Time Magazine) preempted in August 2015 a history making reunion of Cuban Jazz legends ‘Irakere’. Juipa!





“One indisputable fact is the convergence of the lucky seven events was nothing short of divine inspiration” says Anita Funtek founder of Miami New Construction Show.

Metropolitan Miami has taken its rightful place at the global epicenter of urban culture for the new millennium. The draw is the regions complex history. UnlikeM&O-06 the European migrations of the previous century, the demographic hybrid is more apt to be Caribbean, the Southern Hemisphere, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East with the New Yorkers making an annual beeline to warmer enviorns.

South Florida is the future. Seekers of freedom, wealth and boundless opportunity are attracted to the powdered beaches, splendid climate, mysterious flora and fauna and burgeoning urbane complexity.

According to Jim Wilson , Director of Marketing Advertising Manager for Robb Report and Home & Style early converts to the super luxe of Maison + Objet , “Events in May conclusively attest to a fact that Miami has arrived at the pinnacle of the world’s most dynamic, world revered , diversified urban hubs “. Wow.

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Photos By Andrew Kutno, Bryce Benson C.
Photo 1: Kimberly Marin. President Founder Body Sculpture Centers of Florida,Coral Gables,Pompano and Davie,Florida
Photo 2: World renowned Culinary Consultant , Chef McLennan , a cosmopolitan through and through, makes experimental haute cuisine with a fresh approach and élan that may bedevil Wynwood Art District’s scruffy surroundings.   Mmmm , the districts best kept secret.
Photo 3: The confusion about their name adds to this properties allure. Either way , 1 South Hotels and Homes , 1 Hotel –South Beach is a condo and hotel design that lets the outdoors influence the airy and sensual aesthetic of this South Florida get away.
Photo 4: Maison + Objet heralded a multi-media moment at the nexus of culture, art and aspiration unlike anything this city has hosted previously.
Photo 5: Artistic sensibility that melds African soul, Latin sizzle and European cool wrapped up the month of May with Big Night in Little Haiti. James Quinlan , Founder of the Rhythm Foundation, Cristiane Roget AdAvenueGroup, Bryce Benson – Elite Med Spa and Dr. John G. Sarris Elite Smile Designs.
Photo 6: Held on the 55th floor of the vertigo producing Viceroy on Brickell Avenue Anna Funtek, Co-Founder of Miami New Construction Show, announced during their VIP May Cocktail the 2nd Installment of MNCS to be held October 22-25, will be a full house.

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