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Hollywood, CA - On Saturday, May 6th, the newcomer to the music scene Malvin Éka recently released his debut endeavor as an independent music artist. Entitled „Battle of My Own‟, the dynamic new track offers a remarkably insight into Éka‟s prowess as a budding songwriter. His sound, which at its core is R&B and soul, is also heavily influenced by pop music, as is the case with this fascinating new single.
by frhuynh6 May 2017
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Citing influences the likes of iconic artist such as Beyonce, Whitney Houston, and Etta James, Éka has a penchant for strong vocalists that have an ability to inspire their audiences and enter their lives in a special way. While infectiously catchy and popinfused, „Battle of My Own‟ has a very deep and personal message: perseverance. “That person is all alone and fighting,” Éka describes of a character that has no support around them, struggling to fight for their dream. “Believe for what it‟s worth, that person will win.”

Working by day as an IT developer, Éka recently discovered his love of music and began to hone his craft in classes for songwriting, music theory, vocals, and the like. The music is a vehicle for his emotions: his struggles, his triumphs, and everything in between. In writing about these experiences, Éka opens the door and invites his fans into his life to connect with him and relate to his songs.

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Though Éka is from Indonesia, his music is performed in the English language. „Battle of My Own‟ is available on all major music streaming and download platforms. Following that, Éka plans to release his full length debut album, „OBSESSION.

‟ Fans can keep up to date by connecting with Éka‟s official website and social media.

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