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Meet the Artist Who Has Been Secretly Shaping Toronto’s Design World

by Zoe Tomas3 April 2017

For the last two years Liam Zed has been a part of shaping and shifting Toronto’s design world from behind the scenes. The artist is now stepping out from behind the curtain to reveal his thoughts on the future of Toronto’s design scene.

Toronto, CA-3/28/2017—Liam Zalitach is a multi-media artist living in Toronto. As a design graduate of George Brown College School of Art and Technology he knew that he needed not only to be able to brand others but also himself and quickly established his persona: Liam Zed The Designer . As Liam Zed The Designer he dove into the design scene to develop campaigns and designs for fashion, web graphics, and marketing. His eclectic and forward-thinking designs propelled him quickly through the ranks of major players in the music industry like Sony, developing branding campaigns for well-known festivals like Toronto Frosh and Everafter Music Festival. According to Zed, Sony was his second major educational experience. While George Brown taught him design, Sony taught him about working in a high-paced business environment. Not one to get comfortable, Zed exited Sony to begin a career as a graphic freelancer where he works on large fashion campaigns, as well as, creating marketing visuals whose branding power lifts small businesses above their competition.

“I read an old interview from Noel Gallagher of Oasis where he said that rich people can’t write good songs,” says Zed. “I didn’t agree– at first. Like a lot of people I wanted to become wealthy with what I do. There was something about the quote that resonated. I get what he was saying. Artists are inspired by the world around them. I get the most inspiration from working with small businesses because they have that passion and struggle. They’re innovators and that inspires me to innovate and do my best work. The future of graphic design is in small business.”

Meaningful words from a man who worked for the prestigious Canadian sneakerhead curator, snkrbox. Being behind the scenes on rising businesses is what makes Zed’s tick. He enjoys being the man behind the scenes as a small business takes off. Not only do small businesses take more risks, but the payoffs are more rewarding. This philosophy is something that he adopted in his career abroad.

Zed’s career has taken him all over the world. As part of the Ontario Global Edge Program he was able to travel and work abroad in South Asia, something he believes helped shape his sense of form and color. There he worked for the top ranked advertising and design agencies. These experiences and the cultural influences he received, he believes were a huge benefit to not only his style and vision but also his work ethic. “I’ve learned so much in my career about design and myself,” says Zed. “I’m ready to take on the world and I want to infuse that energy into other designers and my clients.”

Today, Zed has a design business and a consulting business. He works to develop design talent that can be successful independently as freelancers in the design and marketing business, as well as, creating forward-trending graphics for the small to mid size business communities.

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Zoe Tomas
I have had 15 years of writing and marketing experience, the bulk of which were at Fortune 500 companies. I have written for news blogs, fashion magazines, and even write fiction in my spare time under a pseudonym.

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