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Meet the BubblyMoments Travel Blog, focused on Luxurious Destinations, Exclusive Places & Latest Fashion Trends

Emilia, an orthodontist by profession, is one of the most outstanding social media influencers in North America. She owns and operates BubblyMoments, a high-end travel portal, offering travel tips and destination guides to the world’s most luxurious and exclusive places. Emilia has partnered with several big brands such as Revolve, Victorinox, and Olay and inspired thousands of followers with her style.
by frhuynh11 April 2018

Chicago, Illinois: When Emilia is not busy creating beautiful smiles in her office, she likes to spend quality time with her family and her beloved beagle, Max. As often as she can, she dedicates time to some of her other passions, which include globetrotting, reading, running, and practicing yoga. At the same time, she maintains the BubblyMoments travel site, keeping it consistently updated with the latest on travel and tourism, global fashion trends, and lifestyle.

When you land on the home page, you will immediately see what sets the BubblyMoments website apart from others and will no doubt want to visit multiple times to take in all the information and the hundreds of beautiful photographs taken around the globe. The innovative design will mesmerize you, holding you on the page as you watch the design literally unfold before your eyes. The site is exquisitely designed to upload instantaneously with a beautiful display on almost any device that connects to the Internet. You’ll enjoy breathtaking and spectacular snapshots of exotic places of interest around the world; navigating the site is incredibly effortless and user-friendly.

The site name is emblazoned at the masthead along with impressions of landmark monuments like the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Below that, the tagline “Live Laugh Dream Travel Colorfully” is visible. Simply click on the topic from the navigation bar that interests you most. The ‘Travel’ section will offer you details on some of the best tourist spots, including Hong Kong, Maldives, Bangkok, Iceland, Dubai, Hawaii, and Africa.

Emilia also offers her followers personal recommendations of companies, products, and services that she routinely uses and enjoys.

Despite her busy schedule, Emilia is active on social media, and posts regular updates to several social media platforms. She’s very popular on Instagram (@bubbly.moments) with more than 545k people following her travel adventures and fashion finds. Facebook (@BubblyMoments) has drawn nearly 6K fans, and her Twitter (@BubblyMoments) is followed by over 12.4K. If you want to find her on Pinterest or Google+, her handle is @BubblyMoments.


BubblyMoments is a luxury travel blog created by Emilia, a well-respected Chicago orthodontist who’s very passionate about travelling, fashion, reading, and yoga. For more details, please visit her website or follow her on social media.

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