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by Zoe Tomas7 June 2016

The Vatican Protocol is the latest novel by author, Brian Gallagher. Based loosely off of real life events, the novel is a fictional work of religious and scientific intrigue.

LOCATION-DATE—The Vatican Protocol is Brian Gallagher’s latest novel, and has been released through Mirror Publishing. Protocol is a work of fiction that that blends documented history and purported facts in such a way that the reader is often left questioning what is real and what is not.  The novel’s protagonist, Sean O’Shea is a UFO researcher and historian who discovers what is possibly an ancient UFO crash site.  His discovery and research leads him on a journey to the Vatican where he slowly unravels the truth about human history, and the gatekeepers of this truth.

Any who have enjoyed The DaVinci Code and Indiana Jones adventures will find The Vatican Protocol a hard-hitting novel of intrigue and adventure whose protagonist crosses continents in a quest to reveal an increasingly challenging truth.”

-Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Although a work of fiction and speculation, the reader is invited to facts and events that did occur and were a part of documented history. Part DaVinci Code and part Ancient Aliens, The Vatican Protocol takes readers on an adventure to ancient ruins and cathedrals.  They discover new evidence and theories along with Sean O’Shea all while being pursued by operatives and maybe something else.

“I’m excited about the release of the book, of course,” says author Brian Gallagher. “I’m more excited about the early reviews because it means that I achieved something important with the novel.  I hope others who read it will feel the same as the reviewers and maybe do some research on their own…you know, ask those hard questions.”

While the book does try to wrap the story around facts, it does so within a mystery that involves not just history but supernatural forces. The protagonist begins just wanting to know more about his discover and ends up in an Indiana Jones like chase with black operations groups, government agents, and religious orders all on his heels.  In the process O’Shea not only challenges his own religious philosophies but also what man knows about aliens and his own past.

Those interested in reading can purchase through the following venues:

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About the Author

Mr. Gallagher has traveled the world as a business executive. He earned a degree from Milton College in History and Political Science with emphasis on world religions. His writing philosophy is to identify controversial subjects, rumored events and historical facts and to weave a realistic alternative to the historical narrative. The venues in Mr. Gallagher’s novels are places he has visited and knows from first-hand experience. Attention to details and accurate depictions are a foundation allowing the reader to experience these locales.

Mr. Gallagher second novel is finished and ready to submit to the publisher, and his third novel is underway.

He lives in Elm Grove Wisconsin with his wife and two children.

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