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by Zoe Tomas13 February 2018

Muzicvue is the groundbreaking online concert venue that promises Livestream Music for Artist Events and for everyone.

Lately there has been a stream of articles from magazines as diverse as Salon to Fader discussing the high cost of going to a concert and how live music has become a luxury that only few can afford. Ticket prices for Beyonce are averaging over $400 for seated options and classic bands like the Foo Fighters going between $150-300 to be seated. For many the high cost of live music has made it prohibitive and the spirit of the arts is being lost to consumer interests. Enter Muzicvue…

Muzicvue is a new online concert platform that enables talent to livestream their shows to individuals or locations at a significantly lower cost. The unique platform was intended to take back the experience and thrill of concert-going. Muzicvue brings down the cost of seeing a band or artist while also letting people continue to experience the thrill of a live event. CEO of Muzicvue Richard Brown first conceptualized the idea for an online music livestream platform Six years ago when he and his wife were frustrated over having to travel and the high cost of concerts. The couple enjoyed the experience of live shows and the ability to see an artist perform their craft outside the studio, but could no longer afford to see their favorite artists and bands with any consistency.

“I started to think about technology of the future and all the possibilities for Artist and Entertainers doing a live show online,” says Richard. “Television set the precedent with concert events so I assumed that at some point some entertainment company would develop a livestream concert technology for the Web. I waited and waited and finally I realized if no one else was going to do it, why not me?”

Muzicvue has since grown into a team of marketing and business consultants who are at the forefront of the internet revolution in their thinking. Richard’s background in IT made him a perfect fit to push the new model forward. He and his team developed their livestream concept as a way of not only providing people with the music experience they love but also to create disruption in the current corporate music model by offering a competing choice for any artist who hopes to make that connection with fans that only comes through live music.

“What we’re doing is keeping with the spirit of the arts by offering innovation, technology and low barrier to entry into what was previously a closed system,” says Richard. “In other words were giving new talent the same opportunity and platform that the big labels only give to their preferred stable. Instead of letting big corporate giants tell an artist how to express themselves on the limited media outlets that exist or tell the public who you should listen to and value, we’re letting people decide who they want to hear and see.”

New and even established artists can post their music and videos on the platform and users will vote and give real time feedback. That feedback will help to guide artists in what their target market likes and dislikes so that they can build a review or concert that will be a success. The platform invites users to be creative and develop their craft that is well branded and unique for their listening and viewing audiences.

“We are encouraging individuals and groups to be creative in promoting their talents by developing professional, dance routines videos, muzicvue is the leading online platform to compensate an artist for their efforts through our royalty and PPV system,” he explains. “Businesses are encouraged to use our services to extend the reach of their local on-premises events and to advertise their products and services through our Vue-Board advertisement network.”

The company is currently building its first online festival to kick off the platform. “The first event will be in support of breast cancer charities as a memorial to my beloved wife and mother of my children – Doreth whose faith, support and creativity made the platform a reality”.

On March 4th, 2018 Muzicvue will be sponsoring a Live Jamaican Jazz event through their website. This first event will be live EST from 8 pm to Midnight. For more details, visit: www.muzicvue.com

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Zoe Tomas
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