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NATPE AttendeesThrive to Create a Shared Future In A Fractured World

by Cristiane Roget2 February 2018
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Cristiane Roget

By Cristiane Roget, correspondent VIP AdAvenueGroup, a global aggregator  of original and insightful news content.  rogetlink@adavenuegroup.com

Miami Beach, FL/  Historically the dearth of production financing and big ticket distribution opportunities served as a hindrance to the creative process.  Not so at NATPE 2018 where attendance saw the ‘Big Dogs’ of the North and South American hemispheres running the ‘young pup’s’ from 35 countries endeavoring to build business and bridges over bias.




Lisa Sussman – LSD Productions interviews Rod Perth outgoing NATPE President Rod Perth and  RHP Media Consulting for VIP/AdAvenueGroup global media outlet


While traditional linear broadcasters may be menaced by the ascendancy of ‘FANG’, the industries lexicon for the ubiquitous digital  streaming companies,  Facebook, Apple TV, Amazon, Netflix and Google many applaud the move to distribution ‘by-and-for-the-people’.   With FANG’s  vast audience electing when, what and where they get their info-tainment  fix the funds for visionary projects are more apt to be green lighted by those companies that are less risk averse.

Projects such as thekidtrotter, 15 completed  episodes aimed at the youth and family markets.  The program follows a precocious little girl to the four points of the compass.  She travels the globe with her Irish and French parents on a pink scooter. Offers from TMW Media Director of Sales, Leslie Collins, have been tendered along with several other to be named distribution companies.



Another attraction was Cannabis entrepreneur Dave Mech, CEO of POTCO, ‘come grow with us’. Donning his avatar “Potsquatch”  he headed for Miami.  “I    purchasing a ticket for a ‘Benjamin‘ at the last minute” he said.  Shopping an unscripted TV show that showcases the booming cannabis business – he met with Ellie Borges of Hemp Sister and associate Jason Van Huele to explore future collaborations.

Francois Huynh of AdAvenueGroup confirms, “Stay tuned for future developments on the green front”.  Breaking into the zeitgeist today predicates  innate talent, superlative production values & meeting acquisition mandates irrespective of the country of origin and track record.  “Universal themes that are authentic and portray essential humanity relate in every language, said Valerie Odile, producer of  thekidtrotter.

On the other end of the spectrum the consolidation of the behemoths can best be likened to the arrival of overwhelming alien forces in  ‘Independence Day’.


Flexing muscle on a moderated panel;  Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra “If we don’t grow, we will be somebody’s purchase,”  Vinciquerra told moderator Soledad O’Brien. “I didn’t take the job to do it for a year and sell the company,” he said.  “Scalability and size matters in a digital landscape that includes colossal giants Google, Facebook , Amazon and Apple with their gazillion dollar market caps.”

However, everyone from educators, emerging filmmakers, content providers, and service organizations such as Joe Waimrin– Director of Sales for Iron Mountain Entertainment Services & Storage Vaults and tech start up’s possess a ‘voice’ in the democratic web and warp of the NATPE universe.

“Content has never mattered more in repairing the damage being done to future generations. ” 

The overall NATPE experience is enhanced by the proliferation of ‘second screen’ platforms. These internet based outlets offer seasoned producers and the next generation of ‘content’ creators entré to previously non- existent untapped resources. “Everyone at NATPE gets a shot at the platinum  ring,  the next iteration of the golden age of television and the silver screen before it,  commented Professor of Communications, Norman J. Medoff, PhD, Northern Arizona University.    “The popularity of internet-delivered, scripted content, and individual targeted YouTube ™ or Vimeo ™ type programming  provides a platform for ground-breaking content creation and delivery.

“Doing more with less has clearly raises the bar. The cross collateralizing creativity with technology has elevated a former second tier entertainment medium into a cultural obsession,” confirms Sasha who organized many of the panels  and master classes that included such themes and topics as Leveraging Emotions for the Business of TV and How best to do Co-Production in China.


Buyers of sophisticated original programming were especially drawn to the TV France International umbrella, according to Herve Michel, President of the French Distributors’ association TV France International  (TVFI) which organized the French Pavilion a consistent exhibitor since 1993.


Read More:  the kid trotter 

Many of the programs that were being touted embraced themes that drove home the idea that we must learn to live in harmony & appreciate the diversity that gives the planet’s inhabitants a depth of experience.   The Kid Trotter is one such program attesting to the quality of what was showcased this year. 

Produced in several languages by Sean Clifford (Irish New Media Producer), Valerie Odile (French TV Journalist) and their precocious daughter Enya, the family set out on a worldwide two year tour and immersed in the local cultures on the four compass points that included India, Nepal, New Caledonia and Viet Nam.  

This innovative series brings the best in storytelling with top drawer production values that are fun, upbeat and entertaining for the whole family while discovering foreign cultures and traditions on push scooters !

TMW Media, a Los Angeles based academic distributor, David Austin Executive V.P. of Bridgestone of Multi Media Group  and Dimitri Papanikas Sales Executive of Mondo TV expressed an interest in distributing The Kid Trotter on their respective networks.  Talks and negotiations are set to continue after NATPE 2018.  

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