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New Coaching Program Promises to Bring Out the “O Factor”

by Zoe Tomas18 May 2016
Up and coming

ofactorO Factor is a Creative Management Agency by professional business and life coach Michael H. Odom Sr. that works with individuals, couples, and corporations to boost confidence, empower cooperation and build cohesiveness. The model focuses not on filling in what is missing in someone but enhancing what is already there.



Professional coaching got its first boost in the 90’s and has continued to grow and transmogrify steadily since. What began as pep rallies for businesses soon re-invented itself into a creative management movement which seeks to help companies and people optimize productivity and better manage internal and external resources.  This has become a growing industry in the US and abroad precisely because it produces measurable results for companies that are willing to invest in these programs.  It has been proven to increase productivity through improved work performance, better time management, and output.  Coaches work with individuals and teams to inspire confidence, improve communication skills that will, in turn, improve team effectiveness and output.  It is so effective that Companies that hire business coaches are nearly 100% satisfied with the results. However, these same soft skills can be applied to individuals and couples to enrich communication, inspire dialogue, and produce a highly functioning individual who is capable of achieving goals he or she may set for themselves (or as a couple). O Factor is a coaching service for people, couples, companies, or entrepreneurs that seek to nurture their potential and create inspirational, effective, people capable of fulfilling their human potential.

“My own passion and talent for helping people recognize their limitless potential is what led me to launch The O Factor,” says owner operator Michael Odom. “After 25 years of doing this for other people, I finally had that ‘physician, heal thyself’ moment.  I realized it was my time to do and become.  I decided to transition from a very comfortable career, and take a risk on my own passions.  O Factor is my own personal approach to coaching and nurturing the unique potential in others.”

Odom’s goal is to help others who are trying to endure life’s storms, and avoid detours and distractions to view them differently; to see challenges instead of brick walls, to gain the hope and vision necessary to move forward into action, and to embrace life’s infinite possibilities.

What Odom does is to help create a culture within a workplace (or even a relationship) that will utilize creative thinking and embrace proactive solutions. By challenging individuals to think creatively and set personal goals, <insert name> helps promote revival of purpose and progression.  O Factor offers: Motivational Speaking, Business/Vision Development, Counseling, Coaching and Training.

The O factor is about redirecting the focus from the missing components (X), to what is available and obtainable (O). Odom believes that everyone has within them their own answers (The O Factor) to their life’s question.  It is her job to help people take those steps that enables them to seek and find those answers, and simplify that process in such a way as to create and empower the highly functioning human within everyone.  As Odom puts it: Simply stated, press play and life continues.


For more information about Michael H. Odom Sr. and the O Factor, visit the website at: www.OFactor.co



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