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by Zoe Tomas5 November 2016

The Pocketbook Seat Strap is a new fashion accessory that hopes to reduce “distracted driving” and keep purses within arm’s reach of the driver at all times.

The CDC has been reporting on the rise of crashes related to distracted driving. In 2013 close to half a million people were in some type of vehicle accident related to distracted driving.  Each day in America alone 8 people will be killed and over 1100 injured because they were distracted while operating a moving vehicle.  One of the main reasons cited for vehicle crashes are drivers leaning over to pick up an item that fell to the floor of the vehicle.  The new Pocketbook Seat Strap by BrandonSydney is designed to not only enable the driver to have all of their items within arm’s reach of all times, but also to prevent accidents caused by distracted driving.

“We are excited to sell this product because it is not only a really convenient tool for people who want to secure a purse, briefcase, or travel bag while in the car, but also because we feel it adds a great deal of value as a safety measure,” says Sydney Williams of  BrandonSydney LLC.  “You read stories all the time about people who were in accidents as they bent over to retrieve an item that fell out of their purse due to braking.  Our product takes that right out of the equation.”

The Pocketbook Seat Strap was designed to hold purses or bags in place so that they don’t tip over while turning or braking. It is an adjustable strap made from a durable synthetic weave that can be anywhere from 12-15” in length. It sells for $15.99 on Amazon. Early bird reviewers give the product “5 stars” for its convenience, with one reviewer stating “…I didn’t realize how much I needed this product until I started using it!”

The item is not only convenient, but also one of those preventive tools that has the potential to have a much larger impact on the lives of those who purchase it. “I came up with the product initially with convenience in mind,” says Sydney, “but after I watched a report on a crash in my area I realized what I’ve done is put a product out there that can save lives.”

The product can currently only be found on Amazon at:


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