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New York, eyes of a French photographer

Incredible footage set to an inspiring score makes for a fantastic visual experience of one of the most resilient cities in the world
by frhuynh11 April 2017

TORONTO, ONTARIO Stéphane Legrand, a French videographer  and photographer,  recently completed an original production,  ‘What Up New York’, a time-lapse video of one of his favorite cities in the world, New York City. Legrand created similar videos of Paris and his current location,  Toronto.  His unique  vision  and daring  shots  make  for an inspirational  piece  honoring  one of the greatest  cities  in the United States.

Aerial shots were needed and as Legrand researched drone laws he found that it wasn’t going to be feasible to obtain a drone license. That set another  plan  in motion.  “I wanted  to create  something  different  than  had ever been done  in the past,”  said Legrand.  “In order  to complete my vision the only other solution was to rent a helicopter and a 4K camera.”

The  helicopter  used  was  open-air.  Legrand  and  his  equipment  were  strapped  in during  the  flight  as he flew  over  iconic  markers,  the majestic Hudson and busy streets. “There is no way to describe how great the sensation was as I sat on the floor of the helicopter with my legs dangling above the Empire State Building, while handling my camera” Legrand said. “This was the first helicopter flight of my life and it was an amazing experience. One I’ll never forget when I remember my time in New York City.”

Although there are many time-lapse videos of New York, Legrand’s is unique as he used color grading to bring a more ‘cinema look’ to the video. The result produced vibrant, completely alive footage of the beautiful city.

In a time when New York is the focus of worldly discussions, Legrand captures New York as the strong, resilient city it is.


dream of spending time in New York and I want this video to be a celebration … a tribute to the people that live in this wonderful place.” To view more of Legrand’s work, go to http://stephanelegrand.com/, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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