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New York’s Own Nibbles by Nic, Nic Meyer Launches New YouTube Cooking Show

Cookbook author, television personality, and blogger Nic Meyer is taking her expertise to the web by launching a new YouTube Channel and Website to energize people about cooking and to keep her food following informed about her courses, events, and other projects.
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New York, NY—When Nic Meyer began appearing on television shows like The Chew and Dr. Oz she hadn’t realized quite yet how her particular brand of food enthusiasm would infect people or how this would develop into a demand for her “nibbles”.  What she found was that there were moms all over who wanted flavorful, healthy bursts of food that they could deliver to their children with ease.  Her practice of creating small, fun meals for the whole family eventually developed into her New York based culinary company where she took her philosophy of food and implemented into catering, creating, and educating.  It was a hit with locals and those who were able to follow her through nationally-syndicated shows.  The feedback she received from Nibbles by Nic and her successful cooking classes showed her that there was an audience for her “simple cooking”.  After the release of  Cups, Sticks, and Nibbles she set her sights on a re=launch of her website and the addition of a new YouTube lifestyle channel: Nibbles by Nic.

“I got so many compliments from mothers and fathers who were looking for some way to insert healthy food into their children’s diets and found it in my simple cooking process,” says Meyer.  “I don’t just provide recipes.  What I bring to the table that I believe is of real value to people is my philosophy on cooking. It’s all about simple meals, limited numbers of ingredients that can be shuffled around depending on allergies. That’s what I’m trying to show with my YouTube channel.”

The channel will feature recipes, preparation tips, and ways of updating a menu to make it more seasonally appropriate.  Her goal is to deliver the same type of experience she provides to students in her cooking classes to those who subscribe to her channel online.

“It’s going to be fun,” she promises. “In my classes we always have a good time making healthy meals and figuring out ways to save time and money. That’s what I’m all about and what my channel will reflect.”

For more information about Nic and what she has in store for the new year, visit her website:

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