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Newswoman turns novelist after interviewing friend about Nazis

Lenore Eidse heard a story she needed to tell in her debut novel
by frhuynh19 June 2017
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WINNIPEG, Canada.  Lenore Eidse has interviewed many people, on many subjects. Her prize-winning features have been circulating the Canadian press for years. But, when she interviewed a close friend about her experience during Hitler’s invasion of Holland, she knew she had a story that could fill a book.

And that’s what she did.

Eidse’s historical novel, “The House of Blood and Tears,” is based on the real-life story and experiences of a small Dutch family, who decided to stand up to one of the most powerful and dangerous men in history.

“My friend, whose story I tell, had spoken at various groups, giving small excerpts of her life experiences during World War II in the Netherlands,” Eidse said. “After encouraging her to tell me the whole story, I was compelled to write her incredible private and heroic life journey that had never been revealed.”

Eidse’s book takes place in 1939 Holland, and centers around the experiences of personal friend, Anje van Tongeren, and her experience working for the Dutch Underground at age twelve.

“The dreaded word ‘Occupation’ began to rule the Dutch people’s existence,” Eidse said. “Secrets, lies, the concealment of Jews, were all considered acts of treason and could condemn their fates. The consequence of their involvement was costly in Hitler’s Holocaust; but the cost of losing their homeland to the Nazis was higher.”

For more information about “The House of Blood and Tears,” visit:

“The House of Blood and Tears”

By Lenore Eidse

ISBN: 978-1-5127-6477-2

Available at the WestBow Press and Amazon

About the author
Lenore Eidse’s writing career began in the newspaper business, where her feature news stories won first prize in the Canadian Weekly Newspaper Competition. When she interviewed a close friend about her family’s personal experience aiding the Jewish people, who were being persecuted during Hitler’s reign, she realized the existence of an amazing story that needed telling. This is her first novel.

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