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One Life Vest Vitamin C Serum is Offering Free Bottle with Shipping

by Zoe Tomas28 May 2016

Vitamin C Serum is all the rage in skincare today.  Talk shows like Dr. Oz or The Doctors have covered its restorative benefits for the skin.  Ever major magazine from O to allure has talked about Vitamin C’s ability to reduce the visible effects of sun damage and appearance of fine lines to leave the skin looking brighter in appearance and certainly more youthful. One Life Vest Vitamin C Serum is a highly structured blend of Vitamin C and botanical hyaluronic acid.  The serum has been used by Hollywood Celebrities  and given out at prestigious events like the the Emmy Awards, Writer’s Guild Awards, the MTV Awards, and American Cinematheque Awards.  The serum has also been a part of giftbags from major television and online contributors like ET, In Touch, Extra, US Magazine, OK, Women’s World, CeleBuzz, and Daytime soaps.  If customers shop through the website they will receive a free–one time–organic 18% Vitamin C Serum2_Blue_Bottles_TM_large

For a limited time, customers can receive the regenerative benefits of Vitamin C, and other natural skin enhancers like Organic Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Hamamelis Virgiana, and Cassia Seed.  Customer reviews have provided ample anecdotal support to the touted benefits.

Vitamin C reviews

Review after review, customers support the claims of younger looking skin within 30 days.   One Life Vest encourages those interested to claim their one time free sample which gives them 30 days to test its benefit, asking only that they pay shipping and handling.  This is how confident the company is that their customers will see the changes quickly.

For more information about this special offer visit:

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