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by Zoe Tomas13 June 2016

DogecoinOne million Dogecoin are now being given away for free by writer/actor and teacher, Joshua Ferdinand. Ferdinand wants to use the giveaway as a method of encouraging people to both look into crypocurrencies like Dogecoin and to consider charitable giving with a purpose.

London, UK—Cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be excited to get to know Joshua Ferdinand because he is giving away one million Dogecoin for free. Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency that is marked by the head of a Shibu Inu pup, perhaps best known outside of those communities for sponsoring Nascar driver, Josh Wise.  Normally, cryptocurrencies must be mined or traded, so Ferdinand’s giveaway presents a very real opportunity for people who wish to get into the market but haven’t the money or ability to do so.  When asked about why he chose to give away so many coins, he explained that it was more about setting an example for others.

“Every day that you read the news there is just one more person telling you why it is that the world is a terrible place to live in,” says Ferdinand. “You read about war, hunger, the refugee crisis and it’s just always about the worst in humans.  I reject this wholly and want to show that there are people out there doing nice things for no reason.  I don’t have a billion pounds to give but I do have a million Dogecoin and I’m going to give it out to people that want and need it.”

Ferdinand is a actor, a writer, producer and teacher based primarily in the UK. After graduating from Anglia Ruskin University with his postgrad degree in education he went to work in teaching and education awareness. In 2013 he received the UnLtd Social Enterprise Award for charitable work in education. While he has had small roles in movies like Captain America: The First Avenger, he is probably best known for theater.

Ferdinand and the Reddit Dogecoin community will be getting the word out about the giveaway. Currently, they invite people to use the website to receive their coin award while the coins are still available.

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