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Phanes 3DP Platform Integrates with Astroprint

by Zoe Tomas12 June 2017

Phanes 3DP is a 3D Printing Platform that does STL calculations and provides instant quotes and checkout options for established and start up 3D Printing Shops. The latest version of the WordPress Platform enables an auto-sync with the Astroprint’s cloud platform.

Phanes 3DP, a 3D Printing E-Commerce Platform just released the latest version of their wordpress platform. Now, Phanes 3DP WordPress users can sync their orders automatically with Astroprint’s powerful cloud platform. The highly rated software has enabled many 3D Printing Shops to provide instant quotes and checkout. The upgrade to the software will allow users to handle their orders seamlessly and directly connect to their printers through astroprint’s cloud platform.

“This integration is what our users asked for, something that will make their order fulfillment process seamless” Jon Acosto Managing Member of Abacab Ltd, owner of Phanes 3DP. “We began our development of Phanes 3DP with the idea of making it so usable that anyone can start a 3D Printing Shop. This release just furthers that goal we set for ourselves.”

“We’re super excited about the Phanes app. As one of the first integrations we release, it shows how an open platform helps accelerate the creation of functionality and services.” – says Daniel Arroyo, CTO of AstroPrint – “As others follow the lead of Abacab Ltd. we’re about to see an explosion in the utility and application of 3D Printers at an unprecedented pace”

The software became popular because it enables customers to upload their STL files, receive quotes instantly, and then order online using PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Amazon Pay. The Annual License for Phanes 3DP is $49.95 USD, the new integration will require an additional subscription through Astroprint. Currently, there are two plans: a free plan with a 25 monthly file sync limit and unlimited file syncs for $14.95 a month. Users must have a valid license through Phanes in order to use the integration feature.

The company believes that the upgrade will help both businesses and their customers order and complete projects quickly, easily and affordably. The new feature allows business to manage the print job from anywhere in the world.

For more information visit: https://wordpress.org/plugins/3d-printing-quote-calculator-by-phanes/

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