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Relax and Ride Taxi Service Now Accepting Online Reservations

by Zoe Tomas16 August 2016

Lansing based taxi company, Relax and Ride is now accepting reservations online through their downloadable mobile app.

Lansing, MI—Finding a reliable, safe transportation service in Lansing can, at times, be an issue. With more and more people utilizing ride services finding a reliable one that will be there when called has become harder.  Relax and Ride is a company whose mission has been to take the risk out of transportation.  Not only do they promise their customers a “clean and comfortable cab ride”, but they offer services that other taxi companies do not.  In addition to place-to-place travel and airport service, they also offer light moving, grocery assistance, and city tours.  In order to make the entire process quicker, more reliable, and efficient, Relax and Ride of Lansing now offers online booking.

“We know that one of the things people want today is the ability to quickly make a reservation or know if they have a ride available,” says company spokesperson Dustin Brown “We just tell people to use our mobile app to schedule their taxi and the rest is pretty much the same.  We still uphold our motto ‘Always on time’.”

The app can be downloaded through Google Play, the Apple App Store or Amazon Apps.  People can then book rides same day or way in advance.  Drivers are there, ready, and able to take people on tours of the city, drop them off at the airport, provide safe rides, or even help with shopping.  Relax and Ride is a local business that believes commitment to customers and good community values is integral to any business wanting to last.  The company enjoys feedback and believes that by being the reliable taxi service in Lansing they enable people to sit back, relax, and just enjoy their ride.

For more information about the service visit: http://www.lansing-taxi.com/ or call (517) 940-4604

Media Contact

Dustin Brown
1512 E Grand River Ave
Lansing, MI 48906

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