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Resilient Communities Development Company Launches New Website “Resilient Ways”

Resilient Communities Development Service Company is a for-profit real estate venture whose mission is to create liberty and free market focused planned living communities around the United States. The company and its parent organization, the Resilient Ways Foundation has launched for the purpose of informing people about the upcoming events and communities that are in progress.
by frhuynh1 September 2017

Kansas City, Missouri

The Resilient Ways Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that is dedicated to the promotion of libertarian ideals and free markets. The foundation was founded by author, entrepreneur, real estate developer and financier Jim Davidson, software and crypto-currency developer Dan Sullivan and is chaired by author Wendy McElroy. The foundation has developed a strategy to build resilient, self-sufficient communities that promote free-thinking and free-market ideals through a real estate development company, Resilient Communities Development.  In support of this, the company has launched their new website, ResilientWays.

Jim Davidson, co-founder of Resilient Ways Foundation, said today, “The foundation is very excited about the work we’re doing bringing open source strategies to community development.  We’ve now identified several good parcels of land in our first project area, and we will be locating parcels in a second area several states away in late August. We’re inviting artists, entrepreneurs, and free thinkers to get in touch about our work, either for joining one of our new communities, or forming one of their own, or telling us about a community they’ve been that already works really well.”

The initial target area for operation is in the vicinity of Athens County, Ohio where the work will include buying raw land and building a full scale community. The communities will private, rural, and carefully planned with the help of architect Sven Erik Allstrom who to assist in the city planning and building design work. The board believes in the location identified there are opportunities in agri-tourism and theme park operations that will provide the basis for growth and success.

In support of the project, the group will be holding its very first livestream “telethon” on October 6th through their YouTube Channel.

For more information on the project or event visit:

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