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Resist-Retaliate-Revel in Art Miami in Palm Beach to Art Los Angeles Contemporary Show, January 2017

by Cristiane Roget30 January 2017

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Art Miami’s Palm Beach Modern Contemporary International Fair (PMB +C ) and Art LA Contemporary Show (ALAC) January 2017 served as a litmus test for our time. by Cristiane Roget, correspondent adavenuegroup.com, Paris

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.  The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  Reverend, Martin Luther King Jr.



Palm Beach/FL and Santa Monica/CA With the specter of the USA ‘inauguration’ only one week in; presidential decisions are impacting real people in real time and the Art community is anything but standing by UN engaged.  With the premiere of the Donald’s latest foray into Reality TV – euphemistically titled ‘Trump’s-Armageddon’ airing around the world; the Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary International Art Fair presented by art miami and the Art Los Angeles Contemporary at Santa Monica Airport book-ended the two orange strewn coasts. Over 100 galleriests whose provenance spanned the globe played out against a back drop of a nation roiled by blatant attacks on the constitutionality of early executive orders and entry at airports and borders being barred.

From the Amstel Gallery – Amsterdam to Leilia Mordoch and Wynwood 28 and China Arts Objets-Los Angeles,  Parisian Laundry-Montreal and Lisa Kehler Art + Projects -Winnepeg were among the exemplary displays of artists unrest.  Of particular delight was Dan Levenson-Foundational Principles of the State of Art Academy creating three dimensional order from the pending chaos and Daniel Stanford’s, ‘Gov. Love is Toxic’ as the latest iteration in the ‘Love is Eternal’ mixed media series.

As the geo political dream of a  border less world flames out in the face of terrifying obstinacy, racial injustice and income inequality attendees at the PBM + C  and ALAC were in a celebrative mood, yet, anything but clueless. Jeremiah Chapman, _____Fellowship

The art miami and Art LA Contemporary installations  provided  a forum for appreciation and acquisition of the world’s finest, investment-quality modern and contemporary work. From Basquiat to panel discussions at Art LA that included ‘Art in the  Age of Donald Trump that was described as the latest signal “that the geopolitical and neo-liberal economic order is in crisis”.  Questions being bandied about is  how is the artist to respond?  Is the solution refusal? rejection of federal initiatives or entering the political fray by joining the insurgency in the streets, on Twitter and on canvas?, monitored by Jonathan T.D. Neil director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

According to Screenwriter – Producer Lawrence Kubik, with only one week into the new administration and the anxiety and foreboding that has come with it, history tells us that ostracizing people based on race and religion, marginalizing or attacking the free press and blatant disregard of the laws of the land is nothing less than a virulent form of emerging fascism.  One can only wonder what Week 2 in Trump’s administration will bring?

Referencing fear, frustration,the specter of alt-nationalism and simmering social intolerance was the subtext of many of the exhibits.  The bi-coastal showcases from January 12-15th   in Palm Beach, Santa Monica January 26-29 with solo exhibits on January 27th at the Pacific Design Center and VONDOM in West Hollywood were all attended by multi-media artist Daniel Stanford. Criss-crossing the country in preparation of the 150th year commemoration of the founding of Canada in March he was prospecting in association with the Canadian Embassy for works to be displayed at the Wynwood Art District-Miami, Macaya Gallery. He spoke of a medium that by its very nature possesses the DNA to define, engage and propel a wide swath of our visual culture.

Offering an implicit reproach to today’s political circus, Stanford, a native Canadian of Caribbean ancestry, says “Art by its very nature is an exercise in free expression. Historically and today it serves as a powerful tool of resistance as it entertains and engages.  Think of the massacre of the Charlie Hebdo satirists, Chris Olifi’s bold derisionary statements and Lee Jeffries soul rattling photo portraits of society’s castoff s and dregs.

Channeling the spirit of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose birthday was celebrated in January photographer and community activist, Jeremiah Isaiah Chapman (who is currently residing in South Florida on a ____Fellowship) stated when asked, ‘Where do we go from here?’  “I am en route to Washington D.C. tomorrow to speak to an audience of our peers.  Now that a nostalgic sense of nationalism propelled by the alt right has the populous in a divisive stranglehold, these are unique times for artists  or anyone with a voice.

Caption : Standout, uncensored exhibits skewed the dark and pessimistic while exuding glimmers of hope.  An event show runner was the Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida.   One may think of many things when it comes to the dissemination of the planet and the endangerment of its species, but whimsy is not one of them.  Whether dancing bantam hens or an elephant wall trophy that is fashioned from a gazillion iridescent jade beetle wings, ox horn tusks and eyes lidded with squirrel fur, Beatrice’s 9 year old grandson expressed it best by stating, “The elephant sculpture sounds an alarm for what mankind is doing to our fragile planet.”

Caption: These are times that demand moral grit.  Artists with their clarity of image and vision are positioned to shed a light and overcome the toxicity of deceit and manipulation at the top.

Caption: The Art’s arena is armed to the brushes to effectively make changes where government is often ineffectual.

In an era of the internet; images proliferate, merge, and alter in an Adobe second.  One would think that the power of a simple, graffiti-like scrawl, a single photo frame or a dab of paint would benumb and reckon us indifferent.   The ubiquity of images and a burgeoning of progressive ideas that eschew bigotry and hypocrisy still inflame.

Caption:With a future rife with uncertainties,  PMB +C and ALAC played out in stark contrast with Palm and California coast’s blinding azure beaches, sky scraping Medi terracotta towers, mid winter balmy weather and in recent memory of  ArtBasel Miami’s (December 1-4) hair- pulling gridlock.

Caption:The FascinAsia collection speaks a language both visceral and globally accessible as a harbinger of higher metaphorical detachment and the ramifications of obscene consumerism

Caption: Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2017 and the Art Los Angeles Contemporary coincided with the inauguration of an avowed demagogue as the leader of the ‘free’ world.

Caption:Acclaimed as  ‘pop novo’ genre Stanford is in  the private collections of Rhianna, Snoop Dog and featured in top gallery’s throughout Europe, Asia and the Western Hemisphere.

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Daniel Stanford’s upcoming Los Angeles exhibit speaks volumes as a window on the world and a glimpse at the treacherous road ahead.  Daniel Stanford’s transcendent work, ‘Gov. Love is Toxic’ is the latest iteration of the FascinAsia series exposes a world fraught with environmental degradation, tethered individual freedoms and social mechanization.  www.Daniel-Stanford.com

Rick Fulker for DW.com , Made for Minds surmised, “though Trump has consistently been non committal about the role of art in society some of his campaign comments are indicative of what lies ahead.  According to “The Art Newspaper,” between 1994 and 2010 Donald Trump contributed $465,125 to arts-affiliated organizations in New York – a trifling sum in light of the real estate magnate’s estimated net worth of $10 billion. More unsettling was his description of Chris Ofili’s controversial painting named “The Holy Mary Virgin” – a work incorporating elephant dung – as “absolutely gross and degenerate” the same term employed by Adolf Hitler for art that did not suit his ideology.

Bookended was the Collector’s Preview benefiting the Palm Beach Zoo and Conservation Society , fundraisers for the Perry J. Cohen Foundation; an artist talk and book signing with Sophie Ryder in the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens and the first Annual Palm Beach + Contemporary Achievement in the Arts Award with recipient Bruce Helander.  A former White House Fellow of the National Endowment of the Arts, Helander also curated several standout exhibits in the vast, one-stop pavilion erected in the heart of West Palm Beach’s burgeoning downtown.

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January 30- 2017

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photos by Jeremiah Isaiah Chapman






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