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Rewildin, adds value to wild Australian getaways

Online booking website for adventure-seekers and nature-lovers. Awaken Away.

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Caroline Boulom


Great Crowdfunding campaigns are all over the place, most of successful campaigns come with a strong will and focus on a promise. Rewildin is one of them. A great location with a problem to solve and a comprehensive solution. In 12 days, Rewildin has reached 85% of the crowdfunding target with the help of 89 supporters. The founders are recording Thank you micro videos in real time for every supporter on social media.

Reconnect. Explore. Wake up. Integrate. Learn. Discover. Inspire. Nature.

Rewildin’s vision is to:

–    Make it easy to find hidden gems where to pitch tents and to be fully immersed in the Australian wilderness in just a few clicks
–    Help landowners get the most of their land by hosting travelers while making additional income and preserving the land
–    Help people who are overwhelmed with the noise of the city to look inwards and reconnect with themselves and with nature
–    Inspire people to experience wild getaways with their tribe
–    Gather like-minded people so they can swap stories, share skills and support each other to build resilient communities in a positive, connected way

The context

During road trips with their van, the founders lacked simple things that could have improved their experience:

–    Campgrounds are often overcrowded or even booked out
–    Peaceful campsites are either remote or hard to access
–    Sharing a space doesn’t guarantee a good experience
–    Information on Internet about camping in beautiful spots off the beaten track are difficult to find
–    Information and bookings for workshops are scattered all across the web

Rewildin will solve these problems by creating a shared economy booking platform combining accommodation and workshops into one magical experience for all budgets.

The booking website will:

–    list PRIVATE LANDS that offers CAMPSITES / GLAMPING to extend the existing camping offer and allow campers to enjoy their very own special moment
–    list ECOLODGES for those who need more comfort or even luxury while enjoying a nature getaway
–    more than just staying in unique accommodation in unspoilt territories, campers will be offered to participate in nature-related WORKSHOPS and learn new skills with their host. Organic gardening, permaculture, natural building, mushroom foraging, basket-weaving, or natural soap making are only examples!

Information for travelers and listing for hosts will be free. The income will come from commissions on bookings.

Who are the founders?
This French couple met 3 years ago when Dimitri gave Caroline her first surf lesson at Manly Beach, Sydney. Right after, they bought a van and lived and traveled in it for 2 years. While working in the city, they traveled during weekends all around NSW and beyond and discovered the magnificent nature that was just around them. Since then they have embraced a slow life that lies in line with permaculture’s principles and their values. They are keen to gather like-minded people who are contributing to a more sustainable world. After pondering for a year, they gave up their 9-5 jobs for their dream project: Rewildin.

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