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Room4Exchange Wants to Remind People That Summertime is Travel Time with Their New Blog Series

by 10 May 2015

Room4Exchange Wants to Remind People That Summertime is Travel Time with Their New Blog Series

Room4Exchange will be beginning a new blog series called: Traveling in Style to remind people that there is more than one way to travel and that cheap travel is also fun travel.

Barcelona—May 10, 2015 Javier Banus and the team at Room4Exchange are exactly the type of people who embrace the sharing economy and peer-to-peer relationships. They believe in human goodness, they believe in opportunity, and they believe that there is a way for everyone to benefit from a business concept. Room4Exchange was their brainchild when they discovered a lack of space for those who didn’t own a home and couldn’t participate in home share sires or maybe didn’t have the extra cash for AirBnB. Room4Exchange enables someone who owns a room or shares a flat with others to coordinate an exchange of space with someone just like them. The uses for this type of technology are limited only by people themselves. It can be used to travel for fun, for business, or for education. With summer around the corner they are kicking off a new blog series entitled: Traveling in Style to show it is possible to have a great summer vacation without ruining your budget.

The idea behind the blog series is to highlight all of the cost-saving ways to travel in the new sharing “style”, and to promote all the different ways that the sharing economy provides benefit to the average person in society who is unable to stay at the Four Seasons or fly First Class.

“We hope that this blog series will encourage others to take a chance on their community and expand their own horizons and ways of thinking,” Banus tells us. “If we can encourage one person to go have a fun, life-changing experience then all of us here will be happy that we provided the vehicle. Life is nothing but experience, so why wait?”

Room4Exchange will be doing a blog a week discussing the methods of traveling using sharing economy tools in order to emphasize all of the possibilities that are out there for people who are willing to use them.

“There is no right way or wrong way to travel, just as there is not right way or wrong way to make a sandwich,” Banus says. “There is just ‘your’ way.”

For more information about the blog series or Room4Exchange visit their website at: https://room4exchange.com/en/

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