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Splixio enables players to exhibit their skills to fill up squares with defined colors

Splixio is based on the concept of occupying lands through filling up the shaded squares. It also offers animated guide for new comers.

People of all age groups like to play different online games either in groups or alone. There are many online games where players have to use traditional weapons like arrows and bows to score points so as to proceed to the next level. Splixio is one such game where players have to occupy more lands through filling color shaded squares for scoring points. To play this game, players need to have massive experience to become the leading scorer over the opponents. The game also tests the level of intelligence and skill of the gamers to overcome different obstacles quite easily. The square blocks need to be filled with specific colors which the players have the scope to select at the beginning of the adventurous journey.

Splixio game allows users to move their player around using the arrow keys. This multiplayer online game mainly focuses on the concept of conquering as much land as possible and become the biggest of them all. Players who are in their own area are safe but once they left their secured location they will be leaving a trail behind which if exploited by the opponents can lead to their death. Players who will be successful in getting back to their respective areas will become owner of the surrounding shaded blocks. At the same time, players need to be careful because the rival players may attempt to steal those blocks from them. The game was inspired by single player games like pac-xon, xonix, quix and others.

The game allows players to make essential adjustments before the start of the play through utilizing options of trail length, blocks captured, kills and others. This online game thoroughly protects the privacy of the users and never shares their information with third party sources. Third party vendors like Google, Twitter, Facebook and others use this gaming platform to post ads through their cookies. Players have the option to select either the same server or any other specific server to play this game. Once selecting the server, players have to type the hash character after the url to finally press the join button.

Players have to thoroughly read the instructions before the start of the game to become a leading scorer in it. The rules are simple and can be followed easily. It is the ideal game of displaying one’s use of intelligence and skill in overcoming obstacles while collecting the square blocks. It allows players to compare their scores with each other to produce better performance next time.

About Splix

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Splix is an online multiplayer game that requires occupying lands through tackling enemies. The game is strictly not for players below 13 years age. To know more, viewers can log onto its URL address.

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