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“State of Control” the Controversial Tibet – China Cyber Spy Documentary

“State of Control” the Controversial Tibet - China Cyber Spy Documentary with Award Winning Director, Christian Johnston Debuts at a Closed Screening in Washington DC August 31st
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Washington District Columbia / This evening, Complex Films Director, Christian Johnston presides over a private screening of State of Control to coincide with breaking news relating to the documentaries narrative and recent breaches in China and United State Cyber security.  The screening Hilton Mclean  in Mclean, VA substantiates allegations that have been gathering in light of recent Russian Cyber attacks and China’s imposing retreat with internet blackouts on World Wide Web connectivity.  The ‘source’ of the inside story is at present ‘anonymous’.

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‘State of Control’, shot clandestinely, behind Tibetan lines embroiled  in a struggle with China for national sovereignty, the documentary crew navigated restricted zones to prucure the footage. Their documentary  has been banned in China at risk of severe repercussions. A yet to be revealed source navigated China’s  impermeable Internet firewall leaking the movie to 40,000 in bound recipients and is currently going viral within China’s borders. The breach utilized Bittorrent which is traditionally insider’s piracy divert resource and in this case is used as a source of disseminating government restricted content inbound on restricted servers within China’s borders. State of Control is one more plank in the quest for transparency on a global scale.

“The filmmakers are collaborating with an ad hoc group of cyber Security Experts to see how pervasive and widespread the leak was. The information wars that were Matrix  Style Science Fiction are taking on the guise of Scientific fact with white hat information dissemination against oppressive governments and obstructive institutions, confirms Ralph Echemendia, security advisor to Oliver Stone for  his upcoming release,  the Snowden movie with Gordon Levitt.

Slated to attend the premiere screening of State of Control is an ad hoc gathering of high-level cyber security chiefs, private sector Internet technology experts, political influencers and media representatives. The closing Q & A reception with Director Christian Johnston will examine evidential footage bringing insights into the escalating cyber wars plaguing national security forces while impinging on citizen’s rights everywhere. Plus this threat is getting more complex and is increasing.

The 88 minute documentary was filmed with hidden cameras smuggled into Nepal, India and Tibet in 2008. And since then documenting deliberate attempts to halt the movie, the filmmakers have captured in real time inflammatory footage that uncovers the true nature of Tibetan unrest and their protracted struggle for independence and national sovereignty.

For the first time in the Western Hemisphere, State of Control exposes first-hand the inner workings of the Chinese oppression apparatus.  The audience will follow two Americans who gained covert passage into Tibet during a full-scale media blackout.  The ongoing battle the filmmakers have been subjected to pales in comparison to those deemed subversive inside China. But even here on U.S. soil …surveillance, relentless intimidation and espionage has set the stage for disturbing cyber-war happening at our front door.
PRGlobal Media will be posting on going advisories with evidentiary news relevant to State of Control and its subject matter.

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