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SwampButt Underwear LLC President to Appear on WLUP-FM with Mancow

by frhuynh8 June 2017

Lake Jackson, TX (June 8, 2017) — SwampButt Underwear president and founder Harold Nicoll will appear on WLUP-FM’s morning show, hosted by Mancow Morris at  7:40 a.m. central time on Monday June 12, 2017. Mancow is one of Chicago’s most popular morning shock jocks. “I’m looking forward to talking with Mancow, but I really do not know what to expect,” Nicoll told co-workers about the booking. “As a small business, we rely on ‘earned media’ coverage by outlets like this to get the word out about our product. This is a great opportunity for us. I just hope I don’t blow it.”

Why are there no, new classic rock songs?

Nicoll will discuss the SwampButt Underwear brand, why SwampButt Underwear is the perfect Father’s Day gift, why women should consider wearing it under skirts and work out pants, and why so called ‘classic rock’ stations play the same songs all the time. “Classic rock is great, but needs an infusion of new, classic rock music,” Nicoll mused.

Earned Media

Since its launch in late October, 2016 SwampButt Underwear has issued a number of press announcements to promote the company. The result? A good bit of coverage by bloggers, trade press, daily newspapers, and radio interviews, like the one scheduled for Monday. “Even if we had the resources for paid ads, we would still do these releases, Nicoll said. “Coverage in the media and interviews on shows like Mancow or Michael Berry have a great deal more credibility with people than ads.” The reason? The viewing, listening, and reading public can discern between messages that people pay to communicate and those that are covered as news or features. “Not only is product information covered as news more credible, it is better remembered, Nicoll said. “So even with all the resources in the world, we would still do interviews and make announcements.”

Creative Wring and Humor

Most all of the releases and blog posts from SwampButt Underwear are intended to be funny and are always received as such. The owners of the company have to rely on their creativity and media/public relations savvy to compete with other, much better funded companies. “Big companies are conservative places, and that is not negative judgement on them. But we can say and write things that the public relations staffs at our competitors would never be allowed to,” Nicoll said. “This gives us a tremendous advantage in terms of visibility and brand recognition.”

It does not hurt that in addition to a lively sense of humor, Nicoll and his partner (known simply as Mr. Limelight) are accomplished public relations and marketing people who know all the right levers to pull to garner recognition in the press. “We can take the things we learned from industry and apply them to the SwampButt Underwear promotional campaign, which is the best of all possible outcomes,” Nicoll said.

About Harold Nicoll

Harold Nicoll is the president and founder of SwampButt Underwear, LLC. He also owns a small public relations and marketing firm, and is the president of the Brazosport Symphony Orchestra. He started SwampButt Underwear on a hot day when after he had played golf, wondered if the term ‘swamp butt’ had ever been trademarked. It had not and the rest is moderately interesting (not history).

Harold spent most of his career at The Dow Chemical Company where he worked in both marketing communications and public affairs. He is accredited to practice public relations by the Public Relations Society of America. He graduated from The George Washington University with a Master of Public Relations and the University of Houston with a B.A. in political science. He and his wife Marla have been married 29 years (in a row, to each other) and live with their two rescue dogs Mali and Lola.

About Mancow

Erich “Mancow” Muller (born June 21, 1966) is an American radio and television personality, actor, and former child model. His career has been well known for controversy and clashes with the Federal Communications Commission. He is best known for Mancow’s Morning Madhouse, a Chicago-based syndicated radio show, The Mancow Radio Experience which have been nationally distributed by Talk Radio Network and most recently The Mancow Show on The Loop 97.9 FM Chicago’s Rock Station. Muller also co-stared with his brother Mark in the reality TV series God, Guns & Automobiles, which aired on History Channel.

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