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The best tools to master when you manage ecommerce website

by frhuynh23 February 2018

Whether you are a ecommerce manager, director or digital agency you know that there are many tools and more or less scalable solutions you need to consider to improve your online store performance. They vary in price and complexity. Here we have gathered the most useful ones plus first in the world complex solution for ecommerce development. Read on.

1. SimilarWeb
It’s the tool that allows you to track website statistics of your competitors. It will give you an in-depth info of traffic insights in your industry.

2. CrazyEgg
Conversion rate specialists use it profoundly. It helps you to create heatmaps and scroll maps to visualize how your customers behave on your website.

3. Google Analytics
Our Growcode CRO expert, Pawel Ogonowski says: “We simply can’t underestimate how important is this free tool is in our everyday job. It allows us to track traffic, customers’ behaviour, the most popular and least popular products and many more.”. So, CRO specialists, if you haven’t already, now it’s the final time to specialize in GA.

4. UXPin
Your UX team will thank you for this one: it’s a all-in-one full-stack design platform which really increases the speed, effectiveness and scalability of UX changes. Plus, it’s really intuitive in use.

5. PollDaddy
It’s a really great tool for gathering pools from your audience. It allows you to build unlimited amount of surveys and see how your customers react to your products, pages, design and services. Downsides: paid option is on the pricey side.

6. UserTesting
It’s a testing tool that sends your interface to millions of testing users worldwide. Then you will receive a video with a sound feedback showing how testers go through your interface and tell you what they find really frustrating and hard to get.

7. Survey Monkey
It’s a survey software that allows you to reach people everywhere by sending polls via e-mail, mobile chat, social media and many more. The surveys can be personalized with custom themes: you can add your logo, select fonts and create customized landing pages.

8. Pingdom Website Speed Test
Having only your URL it allows to test a loading time of the page, analyze it and find bottlenecks.

Growcode ecommerce development solution
But if you are tired of using various tools and you are not sure whether your CRO actions are effective turn to more holistic way. Growcode is not a tool, but a comprehensive solution that allows for continuous ecommerce development. Growcode leverages its own, ecommerce tailored application that creates a truly IT-independent environment. What’s more, it takes and website development completely off managers’ shoulders. So, if you want to deliver a extraordinary user experience that boosts your revenue and profits do not hesitate.

Final word:
Regardless of which tool you choose, remember, that ecommerce optimization should be an ongoing and scalable process: only then will it be effective and lucrative.

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