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The Gig Economy Defines – Builds – Ignites – Be the Hero of Your Story

by Cristiane Roget14 March 2018


Cristiane Roget , correspondent for VIP – and Epoch Times

Wynwood Art District/Miami – Florida /  The gig economy, a robust reaction to robotic drudgery in the work place is seeing growing segment of self-employed, independent contractors and visionary entrepreneurs.  They are plying their trade in temporary workplaces and green environments across the nation and the globe.

WeWork ™, Tech Space ™ and shared rehabbed work spaces such as Showroom-305’s in Little Havana – Miami and destinations such as ‘the Wynwood Yard’  in downtown Miami are providing the professional accommodations for bricks and mortar retail and dining outlets .

Affordable housing is being fashioned from new – compact and sustainable modular units ( by the Pac Rim Business Council and Daniel Stanford’s  Refurbished containers ( and are springing up faster than one can say ‘pop-up’! Ride sharing services Uber, Lyft and what used to be referred to as ‘gypsy cabs’  are providing transportation from ‘A to Z’ rounding out a burgeoning economic upheaval.

The FIRST! legal container home in Miami is a welcome entry to the mushrooming ‘tiny home’ movement. “The price, according to Wyn-Box – VP Ryan Anderson “can only decrease as demand increases”.   (  Norma Barajas of PRBC Co-Modeco Habitats in Los Angeles, Anthony Lopez  of,   headquartered in Las Vegas and Toronto based visual artist Daniel Stanford of are suppliers of container like homes that provide  employment  for tradesmen and  vendors to provide interior and exterior add-ons, fixtures,  aesthetic and ecological improvements.  These homes, ‘growtainers’  and commercial spaces are on the market for a fraction of standard construction costs.

PRBC Compact Modular Eco Homes ™ fashioned in factories from new, sustainable and reinforced recycled steel and fully  renovated ‘one tripper’ containers such as the mother ship at ‘the Wynwood Yard’  was created by a team of visionary architects and builders from  The asking price may cause sticker shock but the Wyn-Box team must be commended for  breaking down bureaucratic walls and risk  averred code enforcers.  New data from the U.S. Census Bureau recently released figures show that South Floridians spend a larger percentage of their income on rent than residents of any other U.S. city.  This list includes famously expensive cities such as NYC, Seattle , Los Angeles, and San Francisco while jobs are scarce and wages are low.    The collective goal is to alleviate the chronic need for affordable housing alternatives.

A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers would be independent contractors.  With so much turmoil at the top, tumultuous miss-steps in global diplomacy that include a looming  trade war, prevailing disparity between the ‘haves’ and  ‘have nots’  the sense of foreboding and impermanence fanned by a  groundswell of resistance is taking hold in ad hoc communities across the land.  This movement is anything but counter intuitive.

South Florida is a microcosm of the gig economy in full gentrified bloom. A status quo fueled by obscene consumption is being repudiated in places such as the Wynwood Yard, Wilton Manors Crossroads in  Ft Lauderdale and Elizabeth Station, a bustling renovation of warehouses hugging the railroad tracks in West Palm Beach.   Boasting  year-round,  outdoor-indoor marketplaces,  these destinations are replete with artisan shops, eclectic & ethnic food trucks channeling Rube Goldberg designs and ‘caravan’ outposts that fly in the face of big box and online consumer go-to’s .  Inner-city, open spaces a plastic combs throw from the Palm Beach’ White House – Mar Lago boast a thriving gig economy.  They serve as a litmus test for the best and worst of times.

A recent south Florida visitor “Kendra W”  described these South Florida commercial hideaways as a haven of hipster shops and luscious – all natural cafes and bistros.  “The ‘Yards’  are  magical places, filled with gardens, outdoor seating and street art that include inspiring messages painted on walls replete with funky, vintage and antique decor.” Home to a cabbage patch of  recycled shipping containers – verdant tubs of hydroponically grown organic herbs, a full bar of local craft beers and spirits melded into lip smacking signature cocktails by mixologists Eddie and Kourtney.  The bespoke stage serves as a backdrop for insightful seminars and rousing entertainment presided over by engaging experts in the culinary arts, cinema screenings, and Florida’s only Michelin star at _____________.  Many among us are adopting a new millennium perspective (National Public Radio calls it a ‘cosmic point of view’ ) that is,  more about deceleration than a frantic pace underpinning an ethos of buy-buy-buy!

The increasing specter of a totalitarian, environmental dystopia where wealth and power is concentrated among a few has like minded tribes banding together to create a vibrant commercial, arts and cultural scenes.  The path to social harmony and peace of mind among the world’s citizens is rather than feeling , ‘left behind’  a ‘can do’ spirit  sees countless empowered ‘individuals’ taking hold.   “Many are forging lifestyles that eschew the ‘top-down’ acquisition of consumer goods decimating the planet for the road less traveled as a way  to inner peace,” says Trina ______Director of Public Relations at Wynwood Yard.  Holding tight to simplicity, family and fraternity, Next and Elder generations alike are pursuing income in health, education, sustainable manufacturing,  artisanal pursuits.  Says Scott Thomson of Saltwater Brewery , “We are even recycling the malt and hops waste into e-six pack holder’s  that endangered sea turtles can eat!”.

Optimists such as Bill and Melinda Gates who have donated 41 billion dollars to education and environmental advancements venture, “Humans are poised for a future of economic prosperity, social harmony and a force for good in the world”.

Work  spaces and shops run by sole proprietors are thriving in stark contrast with the posh, extravagantly priced condo canyons and emporiums nearby.  Simmering social intolerance is being subsumed by days of celebration with pop-up communities channeling Ghandi and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  assuming the posture of passive resistance. “Bend like a Reed” confirms Simone Stewart – a native born Floridian who is a trifecta of artist -musician and photographer.

Places like the Wynwood Yard are a testament of a life well lived.  With around the clock gatherings of guests, diners,  art aficionados and travelers of every age , stripe and color are served by independent purveyors whose  ‘side hustle’  has become, for many, a full time occupation.


“Purchasing power is a license to purchase power.”, Raoul Varneigem

 We vow to purge our lives of useless stuff. We embrace the newest status symbol: minimalism. 

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