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The Untold Story of Mariano Mendoza Now on Amazon

by Zoe Tomas3 March 2017

The Untold Story of Mariano Mendoza has now been released on Amazon dot com. The new documentary provides backstory and details of the life of beloved MMA fighter and actor, Mariano Mendoza.

Hollywood, CA—There are very few fighters with the cult following of Mariano Mendoza. The life of the former Navy veteran and mixed martial artist has been brought together by filmmaker Meosha Bean (M.V.B Film Productions) in a unique and interesting look at the man behind the image. Mendoza is well known among fans for his MMA career, but is equally beloved for his roles in video games like “Saints Row 3” and cult comedy shows like Eastbound and Down. The director approached the project from the perspective of showing how Mendoza’s life shifted from very poor beginnings to being part of an elite group of individuals that holds global renown.

Mariano Mendoza was born in Los Angeles, California in a neighborhood that could be considered “at risk” for children like himself, but instead he made a series of life choices that led him into world class fighting, competitions, and even into the entertainment industry. Mendoza has had a lot of firsts in his life, the most meaningful to him was his W.V.C matches in Brazil and Jamaica—the first for a Hispanic Heavyweight Cage Fighter. Mendoza also has a respectable past in the strong man competitions, continuing to hold the World Record for the strict curl at 220 lbs. His looks and features, however, were what truly determined his future. After working as a coach and trainer, Mendoza began to be cast in movies and even video game series because of his intimidating looks. His Hollywood career includes both on screen performances and off screen coaching and coordination for shows like “The Mentalist”, “Blood Sport”, “School Dance, and “East Bound and Down.”

“We wanted to develop an inspirational ‘rags to riches’ story,” says director Meosha Bean, “but also find a real character that people could gravitate to and empathize with. What makes Mendoza a great subject is that here is a man who is an MMA fighter, who wins strongman competitions, but is just the biggest sweetheart. That’s who you want to tell people about, someone who achieved great success in his lifetime, but also appreciates it.”

For more information about the series or to watch it, visit:

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