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Times Square Crown Plaza – Presents Foresta Infrastructures, LLC -Construction Materials for the 22nd Century & Beyond-September 8 – 10am to Noon

Presenting  Foresta Infrastructures, LLC -  Pre- Stressed Composite Building Materials & Products -Construction Re-Imagined for the 22nd Century & Beyond.  Presided over by Andres Aquino (http://www.couturefashionweek.com/)
by Cristiane Roget2 September 2017

Save the Date - September 8, 2017  -10AM to Noon -Times Square - Crown Plaza Business Conference


Composed by Cristiane Roget, Correspondent PR Global Media & Epoch Times


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Daniel Stanford
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New Tech Business Symposium presents FORESTA INFRASTRCTURE, LLC INTRODUCERS BFRP ™ – an evolutionary prestressed concrete composite building material. Discover the next iteration to a permaculture of sustainable building, design and innovation – Times Square – Crown Plaza – 1605 Broadway, 4th Floor Ballroom, NYC 10019 – 10 AM to Noon.

New York.NY/ As uber designers the likes of Jonathan (Jony) Ive readies the completion of Apple Park  (the late Steve Job’s vision for the giant new world campus in Cupertino, California ) there is no doubt will this will be the birthplace of innovative tools, toys and gadgets that mere mortals have yet to imagine.

Concurrently, there are companies such as Archispace®, PRBC Co-Modeco.com  and Foresta Infrastuctures ™ LLC,   that are advancing the creation of patented break though innovations in building materials that are the backbone of  futuristic structures to come.  These advances in building components and materials allow for new and refurbished construction projects to meet both their aesthetic and sustainable goals, affordably.

After an extended period of beta testing and with several bespoke construction projects completed the much-anticipated preview of one such building material, created by Foresta Infrastructure engineers, (Prestressed Balsalt Fiber Reinforcement Polymer – code name Prestressed – BFRP concrete) is on the cusp of revolutionizing the building market.

Developers, Builders, Architects, General Contractors, Project Managers, Government decision makers, City, Urban and Rural planners and Influencers who aspire to gain entry into a groundbreaking, paradigm shift in building protocols and possibilities are invited to join the conversation between 10am to noon on Friday, September 8th.  Guests will discover and celebrate the arrival of Prestressed-BFRP ™.   Organizers have planned the Time Square Crown Plaza Tech Symposium and Business Conference to coincide with the UN General Assembly and the opening night of New York Fashion Week by Couture Fashion Week, to debut also that evening in the same Crown Plaza Ballroom.

Prestressed BFRP ™ promises to narrow the delta between crafting an advanced architectural vision and the logistical reality of constructing it. Construction projects incorporating Prestressed-BFRP ™ are meeting (and exceeding) the myriad of designers demands in order to bring buildings of the future to completion today.

Where Ive’s says, “Whereas Architecture can be likened to the kind of  ‘project design’ that went into the making of smart phones; it is the scale and function of the building materials that go into the manifestation of those designs that sets the boundaries of what can and cannot be done realistically.”

According to New York based Foresta Infrastructure representative, Lowell Lewis of Paladin Sales Group, LLC, “ P-BFRP ™ is the next generation of building materials for environmentally friendly living, institutional structures, commercial spaces and transportation infrastructure while expanding the horizons of what can be built.

Photo caption: The company mandate is to advance sustainable, efficient and affordable dwellings, commercials spaces, and local to global living infrastructures.  “P-BFRP ™ is not your local cement mason’s recipe of sand, water, and gravel of yesteryear,” says Jack Rigsby, environmentalist and micro biologist. 


Prestressed-BFRP ™ lays the foundation for the next iteration of evolutionary construction projects; whether they are a single housing dwelling or the build out or rehabilitation of an entire community”.  The Prestressed BFRP ™ is comprised of 80% natural materials, formulated from the earth’s most plentiful resource, stone.  P-BFRP ™ produces rebar roughly 3x stronger than steel rebar in tension.

Prestressed BFRP ™ buildings are resistant to natural disasters with protocols in place to prevent climate corrosion and deterioration along with resistance to typhoons, earthquakes and climatic disasters. It is also mold resistant and is ideal for concrete structures in severe weather or those that reside near the coastline where salt in the atmosphere corrodes the rebar.

The leading edge Prestressed BFRP ™ and complement of products possess an expansion and contraction coefficient similar to concrete. “Because BFRP does not corrode; we can optimize the thickness of the concrete structures; making them smaller while utilizing less concrete therefore lowering CO2 emissions in the atmosphere,” according to Lewis.

“With the weight of BFRP approximately 12% of steel we are making the shipping and handling of the rebar and structures more efficient and less expensive.  As  P-BFRP does not conduct heat the product is so much easier to work with than steel,” confirms Foresta Executive and resident numbers cruncher Bill Johnson who consistently brings their global works and construction projects in on-time and above the bottom line.

Andres Aquino confirms, “The companies stated mission is to improve the future of construction and building now and for centuries to come!  Find out from the experts why this is so much more than a bold statement.  For all building professionals there is an application for P-BFRP!  This includes, but is not limited to the creation of commercial buildings, housing, disaster relief, airports, railroads, roadways, bridges, institutions, hospitals and water barriers.”

These are no limits to Foresta’s applications other than their customer and client’s imagination,” according to Mr. Holmes Stoner, Founder of the Pacific Rim Business Council and Co-Founder of Compact Modular Eco Homes (Co-Modeco.com).  With PRBO Co-modeco’s capacity to output 20,000 made-to-order dwellings, habitats, and commercial spaces a month; our factories are exploring a partnership with Foresta Infrastructure utilizing their Prestressed BFRP for pylon supports, as these habitats and work space do not require a foundation.”  “Their products set a new milestone for use in foundations and add-ons meeting a collective goal to build for affordability and sustainability now and for future generations to come,” according to Daniel Stanford of Stanford Emporium, an early adapter to the ForestInfrastructure , LLC breakthrough.


When   Friday – September 8  – 10AM  to Noon,  please be punctual.

10AM – 10:30 Registration – Meet & Greet – Introduction by Andres Aquino Group.  Keynote Speaker Bill Johnson – of Foresta Infrastructure – Closing Q & A. Times Square -Crown Plaza, New York

10:30AM – Noon Technology 3-D Telephone -Digital Money – Private Network Advanced App’s  For details contact Andres Aquino 1-917-749-8421 newyorkfashionshows@yahoo.com

Where: Times Square -Crown Plaza 1605 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 -RSVP 347-216-4943  –  pan.steven4292@gmail.com

Sales & Information Lowell Lewis – Paladin Sales Group- 917-547-6993 email savnine1@aol.com

For those who wish to include promotional and swag in the gift bags, Please advise us in advance. 310-220-9118 –AdAvenueGroup.com – Francois Huynh

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