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TimetoFree.US Thinks it’s Time to Free Us

by Zoe Tomas22 August 2016

TimetoFree.US is a new website that was designed to provide a nonaggressive response to the political tumult and corruption that seems inherent in government systems.  It is run by a team of libertarian-minded, freedom enthusiasts who believe they have the answer to the violence, corruption, and criminal behavior: voluntarism.

La Jolla, CA–August 21, 2016>–In May the Associated Press NORC Center for Public Affairs Research did a poll among likely voters that came to the conclusion that most Democrats and Republicans feel a disconnect with their parties and feel “helpless” when they think about the current presidential election.  At no point in American history have Americans felt so disenfranchised from the  process and this hopeless about the future.  Some say the answer is getting money out of politics.  Others, like those at TimetoFree.Us believe that the answer is not fixing the system, but doing away with it entirely.

We believe that the nature of government–especially today, is that of violence and force,” says website owner, Jeremiah Harding.  “We are being forced to fund a war that most of us don’t want, to be subjected to laws that most of us don’t agree with, and are then told that our ONLY option is to vote for one of two parties that, each year, seem more and more alike.  We want to change that.  We have to change that.  Some of us are angry, others do it for love, but we will at all costs show that it’s possible. We’re breaking paradigms, and asking you to join us

The political website allows for contributors to submit stories, as well as, has a small staff or writers.  Their goal is to build past political blog posts and treatise into more of a comprehensive website that allows uploads of fiction, art, music, and film that have a voluntarist, pro-freedom theme.  They are asking for submissions and commentary.

For more information, visit:

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Zoe Tomas
I have had 15 years of writing and marketing experience, the bulk of which were at Fortune 500 companies. I have written for news blogs, fashion magazines, and even write fiction in my spare time under a pseudonym.

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