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TrackPack Launches with Partnership Strategy to Encourage Construction Companies to Go Mobile

by Zoe Tomas15 May 2015

Trends in the Construction Industry show a below average rate of software and tech adoption, despite the fact that these tools can help their business cut cost and reduce expenditures.  Track Pack wants to get the word out as to how simple software solutions that can be accessed from a typical smart phone can allow construction companies to compete at a higher level with decreased costs and better value.

Everyone wants to cut costs, increase profits, and bring in new customers.  Very few believe they have the funds to implement the type of professional and structural changes to make that happen.  One of the reasons that technology has not been fully accessed or adopted in the construction industry by small to mid-sized builders has more to do with perceived outliers than actual fact.  Smaller companies look to the more expensive packages on the market and the accompanying technology and believe it is priced out of their range, and in many cases this is true.   TrackPack wants to break down that barrier and offer affordable solutions for mid-sized and small businesses that will show return on investment almost immediately.

“Historically construction software is expensive, complex and requires specialized training, which does not work well for companies lacking a dedicated IT department. We saw the big companies adopting more and more technology while small to midsized outfits were still using antiquated work flow systems, if any.” says Gregory Berry, TrackPack’s founder.

“Recognizing this hole in the marketplace we began exploring ways to help small businesses leverage technology.”

TrackPack is a start-up company focused on creating easy to use and implement software for the construction industry that is agile and affordable.  Their target market are those small to mid-sized firms that oftentimes are shut out of the public sector because they cannot reduce costs or produce the date required for those bids.  By bringing them into the technology fold with affordable construction software solutions, they can help businesses maintain solvency and grow with the upcoming changes to the industry such as Contour Crafting (CC) and 3D printing.

One solution offered by TrackPack is a partnering program where a company articulates a specific problem they have within their operation and proposes a solution. If their idea is selected, Trackpack will develop the software using their own capital and resources and allow the company to try the software free of charge.  If they find it useful, they will receive a 50% discount of the subscription fee.  Once completed TrackPack will add the product and offer it to other customers who share the same problem.

The company recently completed, tested, and successfully launched three products: fuel tracking, electronic driver vehicle inspection reports, and a service and maintenance work order management system.  All products utilize simple mobile applications that require no formal training and a dashboard that is used to manage the system and data captured.

TrackPack teamed up with Laydon Industries of New Haven, CT to create these solutions.

Previously, companies like Laydon Industries who were looking to implement technology had few options, certainly none were affordable.  They could purchase preexisting software or hire a custom software developer to create the product.  Either method required large upfront fees (sometimes as high as $80,000) and still came with the risk that any implementation might not produce the types of returns that would make the investment worthwhile.  By partnering with TrackPack companies now have another option.

“I have been a huge proponent of the sharing or ‘mesh’ economy,” Gregory tells us, “I like the idea that people and businesses can think outside of the traditional paradigms which almost made the business-customer relationship adversarial.  There is a way for everyone to win.  If we build software that works and doesn’t break the bank of our clients, then our clients will stay in business and we have a lifelong client.  That’s so much better than selling software to someone that ends up burying them financially.  TrackPack is all about the idea that everyone wins.”

A source at the company said they are currently working with a few innovation partners to develop a time sheet and scheduling app and will soon be opening the program up to any industry insider with a specific problem they need fixed.

To enter the next partner round, visit www.TrackPackSoftware.com/partner and fill out the form. If chosen, you will be contacted by July 6

About TrackPack: TrackPack Software creates simple and affordable software for the construction industry. The company employs a lean demand driven pull manufacturing  strategy to develop their software products based on specific problems faced by actual companies in the field.  The company motto is we don’t want to sell you, we want to show you. All potential customers can use the apps for free to see if they are useful without any time or money invested. If they are, the company can simply sign up for a monthly plan. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

TrackPack is helping small and midsized construction companies leverage technology to stay

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