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Trump Tariffs Spark Growth of Global Cooperation Trade Expos for Small and Medium Businesses – Holmes Stoner – PRBC /Co-Modeco Co-Founder to Deliver Keynote Speech

by Cristiane Roget27 May 2018

For Immediate Release May 27, 2018

Trump Tariffs Spark Growth of Global Cooperation Trade Expos for Small and Medium Businesses – Holmes Stoner – PRBC /Co-Modeco Co-Founder to Deliver Keynote Speech at the 10TH Annual ASIA PACIFIC ECONOMIC EXPO & CONGRESS – APEC SEMTC – June 27 to the 29th in Shenyang – China

by Cristiane Roget, correspondent for Epoch Times and, a division of

Los Angeles, CA /  Holmes Stoner, Founder of the Pacific Rim Business Council and APEC SEMTC  Western Hemisphere Director of Affaires,  announced from the PRBC headquarters in Marina del Rey,  “We, in association with the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Association comprising 23 member nations are honored to invite start-up and emerging businesses with a timely opportunity to participate in the 10th Annual Asia Pacific Small and Medium Business Forum & Trade Fair (APEC SEMTC) , June 27 -29 – 2018.”

APEC chartered in 1989 and SEMTC in 2007 respectively;  provides guest exhibitors direct access to over 10, 0000 purchasing agents in an open forum.  Guests are in attendance to conduct and promote the sales of  their sustainable, innovative, tech-driven products and services.

The trade fair’s exhibitors boast a wide spectrum of manufacturers,  business leaders, sole proprietors  and purveyors  specializing in Aviation,  Automotive,  Bio – Med,  Edibles,  Energy Transition, Fashion & Beauty, Health & Wellness, Internet Communication, Innovative Gadgets,  Media,  Intellectual Property and sustainable Marine, Transportation,  Architecture and Affordable Housing  among them.

Promoting blue sky thinking;  APEC SEMTC attendees are the architects of – rather than mere participants – in the future world.  The over 10,000 procurement, purchasing managers and decision makers, representing the private sector and government, will consummate trade agreements while courting new business allies.  In 2016-17 APEC SEMTC  hosted 1700 global innovative businesses, 100,000 visitors and 500 + press and media representatives.

APEC  SMETC Media Partner,  Francois Huynh, President – Founder of VIP AdAvenueGroup©, a global news aggregator & press service confirms,  “As  our current administration pushes tariffs, the APEC Pacific Rim members, that include Canada, the USA,  Mexico, Peru, Chile, Australia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Taipei, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Philippines and Russia continue to forge fair trade agreements and alliances that reflect the will of their people”. Small and medium business owners spanning the Pacific Rim Hemisphere, “are building closer commercial ties and their respective governments are paring back some of their own protectionist policies to support them”, according to Palko Karasz of the New York Times – International Edition – Monday – March 11, 2018.

Confirmed exhibitors to date are Co- (Compact Modular Eco Homes) , Face book ™, Google™, Hitachi Electronics, Lufthansa Airlines to name a few.  Media Partners VIP-,, Epoch Times, PRGlobal Media and Syrunner Internet Services will be promoting and providing pertinent updates on their respect media outlets.


To confirm your reservations for the APEC SMETC exposition space and make travel reservations contact Holmes Stoner- President and Founder Pac Rim Business Council – Cristiane Roget – Administrative Coordinator –  Office 561-419-0303 or 310-220-9118

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