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V. Giampapa, MD-FACS, Nobel Prize Nominee to Present on Advances in Stem Cell Research & Applications, Feb. 27 – Palm Beach, Florida

by Cristiane Roget21 February 2016

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South Florida/  Physicians & Medical Practitioners are Invited to Attend the first ever Seminar/Gourmet Brunch to present Nobel Prize Nominee in Stem Cell Research and Vatican Keynote Speaker, Dr. Vincent Giampapa, Saturday-February 27 at the West Palm Beach Marriott, Healthcare professionals may register at www.healthycell.com/event/palmbeach.
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February 27th, 11 am -1 pm, West Palm Beach Marriot Hotel, Florida

Nobel Prize Nominee Cell Researcher, Keynote Speaker to the Vatican on Stem Cells, and Discovery Science Channel Expert, Dr. Vincent Giampapa, will present on the high-science topics of cell health, aging and stem cell banking this coming Saturday, February 27 at the downtown West Palm Beach Marriott.  Physicians and  Medical Practitioners are invited to attend a South Florida first; that includes a seminar on groundbreaking advances in this evolutionary field of stem cell science and a gourmet brunch.

Author and surgeon, Dr. Giampapa is at the forefront of advances in Stem Cell Research and application.  He will share leading edge ideas and information that are advancing and changing the paradigm of thought in medicine.

He explains, ” The origin of health and disease is found at the cellular level – that fundamental building block of our bodies, and if you know how to keep one cell healthy, you know how to keep trillions of them healthy. Collecting your stem cells today while they are functioning at their optimal levels is a way to ‘freeze time’ on the aging process, providing you with a type of bio-insurance against the effects of aging, disease or injury so you can enjoy the future with less worry.”

Agenda encompasses topics pertaining to the source of aging on a cellular level and the types of stem cells and their effective applications.

During presentation #1, attendees will learn about: (i) the source of aging at the cellular level and the roles of oxidation, inflammation, glycation, DNA damage, DNA repair, and telomere attrition, (ii) the stages of cellular decline (Quiescence, Early Senescence, Late Senescence, Apoptosis, Cancer), and (iii) key cell aging ratios related to cellular decline stages.

During presentation #2, attendees will learn about: (i) types of stem cells and the current known uses of each, (ii) how to collect all three types of stem cells, via apheresis (blood-sourced) and via adipose tissue (fat-sourced), (iii) how stem cells are stored and monitored, (iv) the role of stem cell collection as a “bio-insurance”, and (v) the possible future of stem cell technologies.

Among those illustrious guests confirmed to attend are Richard T. Canard, MD and Chairman of Remote Area Medical-Florida (ramusa.org),  Vasiliki Karlin, Paramedical Aesthetician & Founder of Nayked Botanicals ® , Dr. John G. Sarris of Elite Smile Designs and Dr. Robert Palma, Harvard Graduate, Plastic Surgeon  and relief aid doctor for medecins sans frontieres/Doctors Without Borders and Peter Hanna, Pharmaceutical Consultant.  


Giampapa Invite Back Final  The event is sponsored by Healthycell® and StemBank™, both divisions of Life Science Institute.

Life Science Institute is a New Jersey based company dedicated to cellular health that formulates and distributes multi-nutrient dietary supplement products. Its core philosophy is making sure its nutrition supplement products contain only the highest quality independently screened ingredients and scientifically proven effect.

HC_pro_box_closedThe healthycell® line of products empowers health-conscious people to optimize their health to enjoy more productive lives.  All life is made of cells…every organ, every tissue.

The mission of healthycell® is to maintain the health of these cellular building blocks so the body stays healthy and ages optimally. For more information about Life Science Institute or the healthycell® brand, please contact the company at 973-200-6193 or visit www.healthycell.com/pro/label.



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